Making Money Using Apps In Facebook (By Luthando)

A lot of people are interested in making money online; however they are afraid of make money online scams. If you are using Facebook, you have probably heard about making money on Facebook. But the question is will you really make money with Facebook?

Because Facebook apps are incredibly simple and useful, anyone who has Facebook account has an opportunity to earn an income in various ways, even with just a single app installed. Naturally, like any other means of earning money, particularly online, it requires diligence and determination to be able to make money with Facebook apps. Even though these apps will make it very simple for anyone to get on the pathway of earning money with Facebook, it is the good planning of strategy together diligence and determination that determines your success or failure. Listed below are some of the Facebook apps you can utilize into make some money.


It is a website where you can make money through giving advice for people by chatting or phone. You can already use their current Facebook application to earn money while giving counsel over the phone. So if you are capable of giving good and useful, this could possibly be the means for you to have some additional income with Facebook. If you can also speak two or more languages, this app makes it convenient to teach other people and you will easily be making money with Facebook. You fix the charges and Ether supplies a number that people can contact. The call will then be redirected to your own private telephone number.


Now you can use your eBay on Facebook. The eBay application enables you to include eBay auction listings into your Facebook Profile. Sell or trade anything to your Facebook friends from clothes, gadgets, books, sports equipment, perfumes or just anything you have for sale on eBay. You also have the preference to place a charity sale that you support, on your Profile. It is so clever to bring together eBay and Facebook.

Music Blaster

By using MusicBlaster you can set a simple music store on your Facebook account, and promote music from You will have a 5% incentive for each song bought. The awesome thing with this application is that you can show your support to your favorite singer or band by selling their music and at the same time you are making money on Facebook. By selling their music, you will be able to provide them some exposure.


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