New and Free Ways to Make Money – Online Survey Site – Earn Extra Cash (By Luthando)

We love freebies. Admit it, you also do. It’s like a serotonin-booster that just leaves us with so much happiness. Of course, the same is true for free opportunities to make money online. And this is doubly interesting since the very fact that it is for free makes it desirable enough. Another thing is that this same opportunity will pay for your time and ideas (and gives you a seat in your favorite coffee shop at least once a week).

A good way of turning this coffee shop fantasy into reality is to go and answer surveys online. These originate from companies who are dying to get the opinions of their future clients. “Free ways to make money online survey site earn extra cash fast”, that’s one sentence you won’t mind hearing again and again. And surely, that’s one sentence you wouldn’t want to miss. Making money out of answering survey forms might be ridiculous be who knows, this might just be the most profitable (and ridiculous) money making venture you could do during your free time. Talk about decreasing idle time and earning from it.

And of course, if there are paid ways of getting to these survey respondents recruitment companies then there must be some way to get to them for free. is an example of free survey websites. It gives its clients free notifications of what companies are currently hiring people to fill in some questionnaires for the latest product they are launching. So why should you pay for something that you can ultimately get for free? There’s no point in spending some dollars for membership when you could simply use it for a gasoline refill or something.

These free ways to make money online survey site earn extra will bring in some money into your pocket at the end of the month. Let’s be realistic here, you won’t be catapulted to sudden fame nor fortune for answering survey sheets. It pays modestly, with modest being defined as $50 a month and a maximum of $100. Not bad, considering that this is only a past time and not the family’s only source of income. $50 will get you a long way already. It can already suffice for a weekend treat of ice cream and movies for the kids.

The whole point of illustrating how much a survey respondent earns is to prick that bubble of illusion about answering surveys. It will not give you enough money to buy a bachelor’s pad or anything to that extent. With the abundance of online jobs, there are many more ways of earning and you can at least write web content articles along with answering survey forms. Maybe that combination will be able to keep you up with the rent. Add an advertisement in your website and you’re off to paying your utility bills on time. These other online money making opportunities, coupled with free ways to make money online survey site earn extra will well be able to address your monthly needs as a family.


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