An Unbiased Review on Matthew Lesko’s Free Money to Pay Your Bills – Does it Really Work? (By Luthando)

What is Matthew Lesko’s Free Money to Pay Your Bills?

Matthew Lesko’s Free Money to Pay Your Bills is a book that discusses ways to apply for available government funds. The book gives information on over 3000 government, state and local grants and programs, that according to Lesko, the government does not want a lot of people to know about. Exactly what are an individuals chances of actually obtaining this “free money?” The truth is that the average person most likely will not qualify.

Just because somebody is eligible to apply does not guarantee they will qualify for any of the funds. This is because, as with any other system results will vary. Unfortunately, the infomercial for the book can seem misleading and give one the idea that they will most likely be able to qualify for one or more programs. There is legitimate ways to get these funds and this book does cover them, but the expectations set in the infomercial are very much a stretch of reality.

Is Matthew Lesko’s Free Money to Pay Your Bills legitimate?

The book is legitimate because it does cover various funds available through the government. As mentioned earlier, most people do not qualify for these, but there are people who do qualify so it is worth a shot, right? If someone needs financial assistance they should at least think about applying. But the premise that all of us (or the 140 million of us eligible as the book claims) should all run to these funds for free hand outs is sort of unsettling.

Money given out in this way is it is easy to lose track of making it almost impossible to know if it is actually being used for the right reasons. In many cases a person or family that absolutely needs help is already receiving government aid in some fashion. However, these are tough times for the majority of us. Most folks can probably think of something that they do not have that they think they need or maybe they just have bills to pay or unexpected medical costs or maybe other costs associated with the economy such as rising utility payments or the price of food and gasoline.

The truth is that the information in Matthew Lesko’s Free Money to Pay Your Bills can be found online for free. There is an endless amount of other money making opportunities online that are also legitimate and have possibilities for long term success. Internet marketing and affiliate programs are the most common.

Having an online business is not easy, but either is worrying about bills or dealing with a mean boss or waiting in traffic jams during rush hour, etc. I have personally been there and done that, and now I work from home, love what I do, make my own hours and most importantly, I get to spend more time with family and friends. I encourage you to take a look at some real opportunities to make money. The internet is powerful and you have the ability to leverage that power and make some serious income.


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