How To Make $100 Daily From A Great Service Site And Make Instant Withdrawal (By Luthando)

When I first learned about this online business from one of my mentors I said ‘WOW, so I can make money from something I like and make instant withdrawal once my service is delivered and my account credited’. But, when I tried it out my joy knew no bounds. I am about to expose you to opportunities that you never dreamed possible online for making hoards of $5 every blessed day of your life.

Imagine getting little tasks done for like 20 clients daily for $5- that is how you will be making the $100 I mentioned above. The fact is that you can even outsource some of these activities. That will mean leveraging on other peoples effort to achieve what you can not personally do on your own. This means that you can even achieve like 10 times of the amount suggested above for next to nothing. Isn’t it getting more interesting? So, you can not wait to know what you will need to do to get paid for amount. Okay let me let the cat out of the bag now.

There is a service online site that you get paid for performing a task for members or clients who might find you do such services online. The site is On this site you do tasks or gigs for $5. Here is a list of things that you can do for this amount on this site:

1. add a link to your clients site on your site
2. tweet your clients link to your twitter friends
3. design a simple blog for your client
4. create a video for him

So start thinking right now. What simple tasks can you possibly carry out for $5?

Once you have decided then the next thing you will want to do is to put your advert up for your clients to be able to find you. Here is a factor of your success that you can not joke with, namely, YOU MUST MAKE YOUR ADVERT CATCHY. How do you do this? First, you make sure the service you offer is include in your headline. For instance if you tweet links you will want your advert to state that you tweet links to your twitter friend. Here is an example of a headline “let me tweet you link to my tweeter friends (100,000 friends) for just $5” do you get the gist now?

The second thing is to increase the visual appeal of your advert by using a relevant picture. Still using our tweeter link as an example, you can easily put a picture of the blue bird in the twitter logo to achieve this effect. This will drive your message home sharply and then increase the visual attraction of the ads. The payment processor used is PayPal, hence, if you do not have open now and the start making $100 daily as you get gigs delivered in no time.


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