How to Establish An Online Gold Investment Account (By Paccosi)

The KB Financial Group has established the world’s first and only Private Global Currency Exchange System. The system provides everyone with the opportunity to exchange fiat, that is, paper currency for gold bullion. And not just gold but 24 carat 999.9 kinebar quality, certified bullion in small gram-weight denominations.

KB was founded on a vision to provide people from all around the world with a safe and secure means of purchasing and saving for gold. They have pioneered an exclusive system that allows everyone to establish online gold investment accounts.

KB-Edelmetall is currently the largest manufacturer and supplier of 1.0 gram gold bars available anywhere in the world. Today they also produce 0.5, 1.0, 2.5 and 5.0 gram bullion bars.

The KB (Kapital & Business) Group is a financially secure, debt free and fully self-funded privately-held Swiss institution established in 1994. The company is integrated into 23 divisions. Operations are based from 2 Corporate offices, one in Munich, Germany and the other in Stuttgart, Germany.

When buying gold, you need to consider the purchase price, and any additional costs. KB Gold is unique because they are the only company that owns the gold mine, the refinery, and their own private mint. This allows KB to guarantee the lowest price on bullion purchases AND the highest price on repurchases from account holders.

The KB Purchase Plan allows everyone to set up their own online gold investment accounts. There are two ways to fund your gold account:

Option #1 – The Dollar Cost Averaging Approach.

Regular monthly deposits (called being on “contract”) can be immediately exchanged for gold bullion. Purchasing on a monthly basis averages the cost and smooths market fluctuations. When gold and silver is high in price, you buy less; when gold and silver is lower in price you buy more!

Option #2 – One Time or Periodic Deposits.

All deposits are optional – just like where you bank now. Like any conventional savings account, you can also make extra payments into your KB gold purchasing account. If you purchase a one ounce gold coin from an Internet retailer each month, the postage would add considerable cost. In contrast, KB gold is stored for free in the St. Gotthard Massif vaults in Switzerland and account holders can review account balances online 24/7. Even the Swiss government stores their gold in this same secure location.

Local authorities will not have access to gold stored in Switzerland, and the purchase will not be registered outside Switzerland (unlike purchases made via a bank or on the Internet via domestic dealers.) Opening a KB account DOES require verification that complies with international Know Your Customer regulations (KYC.) However, establishing a KB account does NOT require the disclosure of a Social Security number.

If they choose, account holders can also purchase gold bullion and have it shipped to their address. The KB Financial Group ships gold and silver bullion via insured carriers around the world. The purchaser must pay the shipping costs, which are minimal for these small bullion items. However, at KB Gold shipping is free when purchase totals reaches €5,000 – or approximately $7,500 USD. This means that once an account contains gold (and/or silver bullion) valued at 5,000 Euro or more – either as a result of periodic deposits or a one time purchase – the bullion can be delivered directly to account holders, free of charge.

KB designates “Preferred Account Holder” status once they have completed the purchase of 100 grams of KB bullion. “Preferred Account Holders” receive these additional benefits:

1. Guaranteed to always receive preferred customer prices. Preferred Account Holders receive a 3% discount on all purchases.

2. Guaranteed to always receive better sale prices. Preferred Account Holders receive a 5% premium on all sales back to KB.

The daily gold price is always listed on KB’s website (

Conclusion – KB Online Gold Investment Account Benefits:

Bullion from KB can put account holders on the winning side of the falling value and purchasing power of the world’s fiat paper currencies. If inflation increases, the value of gold accounts also increases because they are leveraged to gold.

The Gold Purchase Plan is designed to progressively build savings of gold through dollar-averaged monthly purchases which may either be midterm or long term plans. The Purchase Plan fits any budget; plans start at only 50 Euros per month.

The KB Purchase Plan generates a cost average affect and the program automatically makes monthly purchases on behalf of the account holders.

The Purchase Plan is ideal for investors that have always wanted to establish a gold account but didn’t know where to start. The online gold investment accounts are a simple and convenient plan for non-Europeans who have no convenient way to open such an account.

It is FREE to open a KB account. Account Holders fund their account and purchase bullion from KB by exchanging cash (through wire transfers, credit cards, and even PayPal) for bullion.

Each gold investment account provides for the physical ownership of the bullion – NOT gold certificates or stock.

Account Holders are provided with a free statement of the asset inventory in their accounts, as well as an online easy to use Customer Access Point.

The value of your accumulated assets is private. The account is NOT tied to a Social Security number. Furthermore, it is discretely located “offshore”.

Account Holders have the guaranteed option to sell bullion back to KB. Exchanges of bullion for cash can be done at any time. Bullion is bought and sold EVERY day.

Sales of bullion are payable in the currency of choice – in the currency of any open country.

KB’s unique integration of all phases of operations – from mining to refining to minting to distribution allows them to provide an unmatched price guarantee.

Gold purity is certified to be 24 kt fine gold – 999.9 kinebar quality.

Due to wholly-owned existing mining rights, supply shortages should never occur.

KB provides its Account Holders with free storage of their gold bullion, with no time limit.

Storage is insured at the most secure vault in Switzerland, the same facility used to store the gold assets of the Swiss government.

Bullion in small denomination weights can be delivered at an added cost within all open countries via insured carriers. Free delivery within in all open countries is provided on accounts or single purchases starting at 100 grams and/or a payment of 5000 Euro or more.

KB provides for a lifetime free exchange of your gold bullion should the gold certificate suffer any damage in storage.

KB offers the regular issue of special editions, and will inform Account Holders of availability.

If you have been contemplating the creation of a gold investment account, the KB Gold Purchase Plan is worthy of your consideration.


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