3 Easy Steps on How to Make Money Online With No Upfront Investment (By Luthando)

In an economic downturn people are always searching for a way to make extra money. And because of the fact that we live in a technology age most people are turning towards the internet to make extra income online.

But while many are turning to the internet to make extra income most people would like to know that they can start an online business but with little or no upfront investment from their end. And the internet does provide that benefit.

This is especially good because it is only the internet that you can start a business with little or no upfront investment. With a brick and mortar business you have to either take out a business loan or use your own nest egg money to fund your new business.

While the internet does provide some free tools, they are not usually the best tools to get the job done. Also because some tools are free you have no control over them. Take for example a free webpage such as blogger or Squidoo lens. These are both free tools but they are not own by you.

Once you have set a Squidoo lens, Squidoo puts up competing ads to try to sell products on your lens so you are in fact being in competition with that lens for sales. If you set up a blogger, you might come one day and not be able to find your blog because it has been deleted for whatever reason Google deemed fit to do so.

The best way to start any business, whether it’s online or offline is to start it right. The cost of obtaining a domain name is less than $10 bucks. The cost of having a webhosting account can also be as cheap as $10 per month. Surely if you are planning on going into business for yourself you can have $20 bucks to start your business.

Once you have a domain name and a web hosting account, now you have control. Now you own your own money making website and you determine the content that is placed there.
But if you decide that you want to have no upfront investment cost, here are 3 quick and easy ways to make money online with no upfront cost.

Free Tip 1: Get a free account with Squidoo, Hub or Blogger. All these are free and they will have free tutorial on how to step up the account.

Free Tip 2: Sign up with Clickbank, Commission Junction or Amazon and become an affiliate for them. Once you do then you can begin to sell their products and earn commission on each sale that you make. You will need to spend time in these sites to find out how to find the best products.

Free Tip 3: Use free traffic methods to get you to drive traffic to your blogger, hub or squid lens. There are many free traffic methods that will get you the traffic that you need to get you sales. The major drawback to this method is that it’s time consuming and very slow. And you will be competing with people who have years of experience in the business.

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