Ecommerce Solution With Payment Gateway Solutions For Easy Checkouts (By Luthando)

Integrated payment gateway is creating a revolution and bringing with it flawless and the most easy going payment method. Suitable to all business types and to those webmasters willing to have their ecommerce website built in less than an hour, ecommerce solution providers can help get it made for clients by means of URL insertion and also provide with ready made shopping carts pre-integrated with 50 major payment gateways along with the recommended Link Point payment gateway thereby providing ecommerce solution that guarantees easy checkout. Ecommerce solution website can just integrate the shopping cart and can get going with payment gateway ecommerce solution from Link Points and other service providers like Verysign,, and PayPal etc.

The next thing which is important with regard to payments made is to get optimum security and many prefer PayPal which is the most widely used and trusted payment system for online businesses to take orders through, credit left and via debit card or bank account through the PayPal website. PayPal payment system has an easy to use interface for the online shopping cart software. If you want to sell products on your site, you’ll need to be able to provide a means of taking orders and payment from your customers. One of the easiest and most accessible ways of doing this is by using PayPal. If you have your own URL then it can be integrated with the unique shopping cart along with integrated payment gateway ecommerce solution from Link Points and other service providers like Verysign,, and PayPal etc.

When you use free shopping cart with PayPal on your website, the customer pays through PayPal for multiple items with a single payment and immediate notification is sent to the online store that receives the payment. The PayPal shopping Cart is a low-cost way out for you to accept credit card and bank account payments, and can be fully integrated with your website. The PayPal IPN is an easy gateway ecommerce solution for customers to pay via PayPal in addition to having a merchant account in the PayPal site. In this way, both the consumer and the merchant can have money transactions through the online shopping cart having PayPal as one of its gateway.

There are reliable ecommerce solution providers that cater to more viable sources to get merchant account for payment transaction and that too with guaranteed security. The package offered today consist of digital certificate, application fee, setup fee, full time customer support, monthly minimum fee, gateway fee and transaction which is offered at a nominal rate with guaranteed customer satisfaction. On integration, ecommerce solution providers puts the product type in clear terms, present in the package listing online. Ecommerce solution providers have inbuilt payment gateways preferably link point, PayPal and PayPal Pro, viaKLIX, payQuake, PayInnovative, Optimal Payment, Pay Innovative, Nova Network, WorldPay, Google payment gateway, Google Payment Gateway, bank of America higher standards, 2Checkout,, CberSource, iBill, Moneris, Paymentech, Plug’n Pay, SkipJack Financial Services, USA ePay and many more in line to make payment transaction easy, flawless and secure.


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