Make Money Online Using Free Methods – How Many Articles to Make $100 Per Day From Any Niche? (By Luthando)

It’s an interesting question, especially for a newbie online, but let’s analyze the subject matter before coming to the conclusion. I would like to give my opinion on this, based on these three cases from different guys who did article marketing and made varying amounts of money from their articles, lets take a look at them…


A while ago, one guy wrote a single article on a keyword ‘PC satellite’ and submitted it to an article directory and within a few days, his article managed to appear on first page of Google competing with more than thousands of pages, and that article managed to stay on the first page of Google for a long time. That one article within 30 days managed to make him more than $9,000!


I saw this thread on a particular forum that I am in, and one guy was selling his tips on how he made money from his articles, in short what he was alluding to is that he wrote 300 articles focusing on several keywords and in a month’s time those articles made him exactly $3,000!


Another guy from the same forum bought the tips from that guy, and tried to write the 300 articles, but he couldn’t write them all, in a month’s time he managed to write 200 articles also focusing on several keywords (which took much of his time), but the 200 articles made him $855!

What can we simply conclude from this?

Based on our topic a simple and clear fact from these cases is that “there isn’t a specific number of articles to write to make $100 a day.” It depends on many factors.

Some of the factors to be considered when writing your articles include:


Choosing profitable keywords is crucial to your success with article marketing campaigns, if you are a newbie I suggest you learn how to find keywords that have less competition and are profitable. The guy in case 1 was able to do this properly and at the time he got lucky and got the keyword that was really hot and many people were looking for such an item and were willing to buy.

2.Quality of content

If you are into article marketing, writing quality and informative content is crucial, as such articles pull in readers and make them want to know more from your articles and if you do it right you will increase your traffic and eventually make sales. If you don’t know how and are still confused about how to do it, learn that first and improve on the subject matter, OR if you can afford it, hire writers to write articles for you.

3.The type of product

We normally use article marketing to increase traffic to some of the product(s) that we are promoting, now if the kind of product you are promoting isn’t appealing then whether you choose profitable keywords, and/or write quality content, you won’t be able to make much from it, and in the long run people will see you as a conman trying to recommend them an unworthy product. Before starting your promotion, research the product first and see how the audience or people who have tried it have to say about it.

4.Quantity of articles

Another thing is quantity of articles. You might be thinking that you will find a profitable keyword; hire the best writer or write quality content yourself; find a great product — which is great but then again it might take you a while and you may or may not find it — or you may be missing out on other opportunities by simply wanting to find a single nice product and write a single quality article. But what I have come to prove to be true also is having many articles circulating online increases the possibility of being found online and eventually make money along the way…like the guys in cases 2 and 3 above. I tried this also and it has proven to be a success.

There are other factors to consider too, you just need to train yourself and see what works best for you and try and learn new techniques as well.


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