Making Money On The Internet – Best PPC Networks 2014 (By Luthando)

The internet platform today serves millions – if not billions – of people who have in one way or another discovered ways to earn a living. PPC, popularly known as Pay-Per-Click, is an online marketing model that can really pay well provided you deal with the best PPC networks in the market and you understand the target markets involved. The following is a list of top three high paying PPC networks 2014:

1. Media.Net:
Media.Net Ads pay well. Many bloggers including webmasters rate it high since it is a great alternative to Google AdSense making it a favorite when it comes to monetizing websites including blogs. Getting approval is easy, and you can use both Google AdSense and Media.Net on the same website to earn more revenue. The minimum payout you can receive in Media.Net is $250, which is done over wire transfer or PayPal.

2. Infolinks:
Infolinks is one of the best PPC networks that monetize blogs or websites for making good money. They target ads for placement on relevant sites using the keywords found within the site content. Application will usually be approved within 24 hours of submission, with an easy-to-run installation process with the code script included before the closing body tag of a website. Compared to Google AdSense, getting approval from Infolinks is very easy and the minimum payout here is $50.

3. Chitika:
Number three on the list of best PPC networks in the online world is Chitika. Provided you have a blog or website that follows every criteria required by the network, which can be a bit tedious and possibly even frustrating at times, be assured you can earn some good money once Chitika agrees to monetize your page. This network provides different options of ads, including popup advertisements, as well as many sizes of banners. The best part about monetizing your blog with them is that there are no particular requirements for you to be approved. Chitika also accepts small sites and blogs. The minimum payout via PayPal is $10. If you want to receive your funds via having a physical check mailed to you, the minimum payout is $50 per check.

The above list of the best PPC networks will offer you great user-friendly PPC experience. Getting your application approved by one of these sites is fairly easy in most cases, and you can set yourself up for earning a decent revenue stream in a very short time.


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