4 Tips You Should Know Before Joining Online Paid Survey Sites (By Luthando)

These four tips for online paid survey sites will bring thousands of dollars to your bank account and completely change your life. OK that is a little bit of an exaggeration. However, these survey sites do give you the opportunity to better your lifestyle and pay off some of your bills, rent, or mortgage. Online paid survey sites have been around long enough now that millions of people have heard of them and thousands have tried them. Some have been paid a significant amount of money through them while others have not had as much success. So before you try for yourself, consider these four tips before joining online paid survey sites.

1. Unrealistic expectations of getting paid. Many of these online survey sites promise that you can make tens of thousands of dollars just by completing surveys. While this is not out of the realm of possibility you should not expect this kind of money from an online paid survey site. Numbers such as $200, $400, or $1000 a month are very realistic numbers you can expect with the ability to add to that.

2. Like any other job, you need to invest time in the process. You have a job already. You don’t need to complete surveys from 9-5 every day to see a result, but expect to spend 20-30 minutes to an hour a day completing these online forms to get paid. Each survey on average takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to complete so put in as much or as little time as you want!

3. Get a new email and a PayPal account. These online paid survey sites are not scams (at least the good ones), but they do want your email address and some (though again the good ones do not) want your credit card number to bill you charges they put in the fine print. Get a new free email (such as Yahoo or Hotmail) account to use for all of your surveys. This not only will keep track of your survey offers but keep your regular inbox from flooding. A PayPal account lets the money get placed directly into your account after completing an online survey and your credit card number out of their hands.

4. Research the sites first. There are literally dozens of different online paid survey sites out there that want your money. Some are great, some are just average, and some will not make you money. Find some reviews of the sites to find which ones work the best first so that you can start getting paid right away!

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