Can Nigerians Make Money Online? (By Luthando)

This is a very bold question and it needs a very bold, honest and categorical answer. Before I go into details, let me clear the air here, thus, I give this straight forward answer, “YES, Nigerians can make money online”. There are various ways in which Nigerians can utilize to make money online. Some of these methods involve absolutely free techniques i.e. without investing any money at all and actively making use of free tools and resources online while some other methods involve monetary investment. The free techniques are not as risky as the paid techniques and you can afford to experiment without the fear of losing money, however, it may take longer to start earning money (by taking longer, I do not give a time span, it depends on who you are learning the ropes from and how spot on his techniques are; which means that it can also happen quickly too). It requires a lot of hard work, consistency, no complacency and sticking to what-ever works for you, plus, you should strive to be up to date with the current trends. In the paid techniques, while you are most likely to see quicker results, maybe by way of the amount of traffic that you can generate and other things, you also stand the risk of losing the money that you have invested and legitimately too.

Before I go any further, let us take a look at this statistics, if the money making opportunities online (supposedly opportunities) are measured on a scale of 100, then 10 out of the 100 are genuine and legitimate while the remaining 90 are outright scams. The perpetrators of these scams, will throw everything at you, promise you heaven and earth, tell you how you will get rich quick if you only but subscribe or sign up to their schemes. Then, out of the 10 legitimate business opportunities online, Nigerian can only genuinely and actively participate in between 2.5 to 3 to make money online. The remaining 7 to 7.5 have either blacklisted Nigeria as a country or banned Nigerians from participating in their programs, no thanks to the activities of Nigerian fraudsters. Have you ever imagined how much better our image online would be if these fraudsters would just channel the energy they spend in these negative endeavors to doing only things which are positive online. In my opinion, not only would things positively change for those of us(Nigerians) who are only interested in legitimate ways to make money online but these repentant fraudsters would also make more money that they would ever make fraudulently and they’ll be making it legitimately with no side effects what-so-ever.

Hey! Dear fellow Nigerians, please do not be discouraged because of the above statistics, due to the huge money making potential that the internet presents, it is still very possible for a Nigerian to make a substantial amount of money online, in fact it is still very possible for a Nigerian to become rich from the internet. If Nigerians can properly take advantage of the 25-30% (i.e 2.5-3 of the 10) of the legitimate money making ventures that we are allowed to partake in, then, I’d say that the “sky will be our starting point”.

Out of the very numerous ways in which Nigerians can make money online, I would be discussing affiliate marketing (just a little bit of it though), this is because I deal mostly on affiliate marketing and I have come to understand it’s very complex yet simple to carry out procedures. In affiliate marketing, both the free and paid techniques can be greatly employed and this can be done independently or as a combination of the two in any singular campaign.
* For the free techniques, the major channels in which it can be effectively carried out is through article marketing (most recently the bum marketing strategy which is very efficient and effective is also used to make article marketing more worth-while) and forum marketing. There are some other free marketing techniques but the two that I have mentioned are the most effective.

* For the paid techniques, the major techniques in which it can be effectively carried be effectively carried out is through ad serving networks (such as Google AdWords, yahoo search marketing, MSN ad center e.t.c) and through email marketing (this can be used to achieve recurring sales). During the course of this write up, I mentioned that you can lose money legitimately through the paid techniques; a good example would be serving an ad that gets clicked on but fails to convert.

In conclusion, therefore, let me stress it again that it is very possible for Nigerians to make money online and very legitimately too. As soon as you learn the ropes properly, then nothing should hinder you from becoming successful online and this success applies to any online money making venture you choose to indulge in. CIAO.


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