Coin Investments Versus Bonds (By Paccosi)

Coins can be great investments if you invest correctly. Bonds can also be safe investments if you get a strong company. It’s difficult to compare coins with bonds because there are many good bonds and many bad bonds out there. But we can still compare apples with apples and view the benefits and costs on the same playing field. We just need to compare specific key points between coins and bonds.

There are many safe bonds and there are many junk bonds out there. The safe bonds pay between 4% to 5%. The junk bonds can pay anywhere between 7% to 11%. Cearly the junk bonds are not good investments. There’s a reason why they are called junk bonds. The good bonds are a lot safer, but their returns are usually low to moderate. They never give better then mediocre returns. However, if any of the bonds you buy ever default, you get nothing. You just get to share the assets with the rest of the bond holders. This is a sure loss because the sale of the assets rarely exceed half of their buying price. Furthermore, you never know how much money was borrowed by the corporation. It can easily turn out to be a scam.

Coins are a lot different from bonds. If you buy bad coins, they may never go up in value. They’ll never lose all of their value. At most, they’d be chasing the inflation rates. With a bad bond, you might lose it all and end up with nothing. Good coin investments average between 8% to 11%+. Clearly, coin investment returns are a lot better then the returns in the bond market.

There are some people who buy and sell bonds for a living. This is totally different from buying bonds to save money. These people can make a profit selling new bonds and almost mature bonds. They make more or less money depending on their sales skills. The more they sell, the more they make.

It’s obvious that coins are the better investments. They are safer, they have higher returns, and they are completely tax free. The only difference is the time it takes for coin investments to mature. As far as timing, you have more say when you are buying bonds. But I don’t think you should worry too much about that because you could easily lose it all if you buy the wrong bond. Not to mention, the returns outweigh the wait time. If you are worried about putting too much money into coin investments, then buyer a lower costing key date. The best part about this is, you don’t cheat yourself out of returns if you put less money into coins.


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