Alistrol – Alistrol Review (By Paccosi)

Hi I decided to do a review on Alistrol for people who are unsure about buying it or just want to know someones experience of using it.

I bought Alistrol about 3 and half months ago back in November when my blood pressure began to get very high (138) as a result of stress and losing my job due to the credit crunch. In this review on Alistrol I will explain what it is, what it does, how it works and my experience with it.

Firstly Alistrol is an all natural doctor recommended capsule with Chinese Tibetan herb ingredients which have been used for centuries to lower mid to high blood pressure. When I first seen it I was very skeptical of buying it and didn’t buy it straight away. I got as much information on it as I could before buying it such as guarantees, reviews etc because I have bought similar products of the internet before which where a waste of money.

After I found out that Alistrol is doctor recommended, comes with a 30 day full money back guarantee and was all natural I decided to order it. The website is a bit short of professional looking but not much. I could find my way around the website well enough whereas a lot of websites fail at this.

There is a lot of good information on the website about Alistrol I would recommend you read before you buy i.e clinical testing, ingredients etc. Ordering it was easier than I thought it would be. Once you click on the order now tab a list of packages are brought up. There are three main packages you can buy, 1 bottle (1 month), 2 bottles and you get one free which is three months and 5 bottles and you get 5 free so that is 10 months.

The one month supply of Alistrol is just under 60$ whereas the 5 bottles (10 months) work out at 23$ per bottle so the more you buy the more you save. When I ordered Alistrol I bought the 2 bottles (3 months) because it was better value and it is recommended to take them for 2 months to get effective results. I actually regret not buying the 5 bottles now.

After I selected the package I wanted and filled in my details that was it done. security is always an issue for me when I order on the internet but Alistrol uses https and 256 bit ssl encryption which is the best it gets and I’ve never had a problem with it.

I ordered my Alistrol early on a Monday morning and got an email later the same day saying thanks and that it has been dispatched which I thought was pretty quick. I didn’t get my Alistrol in a plain brown box (for privacy) until almost two weeks later which was slow but I live in Northern Ireland which would explain it.

Before I talk about my experience using Alistrol I’ll briefly explain a few of the ingredients in it for those that want to know but there is a lot more information on them on the Alistrol website. Chinese ilex of aquifoliaceae is an in ingredient that contributes to lowering the blood pressure by promoting artery health, blood circulation and calming nervous the system. Human clinical studies confirms the effectiveness of this holly leaf for supporting healthy blood pressure.

Another ingredient in Alistrol is hawthorn berry extract which has very strong antioxidant properties. Hawthorne Berry is widely used as a heart tonic, particularly in Europe. It can be used to help regulate blood pressure and break down cholesterol and fat that may contribute to heart disease.

Those are just two of the ingredients in Alistrol but there is more information and clinical tests on them on the site.

When I started using the Alistrol I took them as described which was 2 capsules twice a day on a flat stomach. So I took two in the morning and two at night. I continued to do that for two months/two bottles and then checked my blood pressure again. To my amazement it had actually lowered my blood pressure from 138 to 127.

I continued to take the other Alistrol bottle for a month which has just finished recently so I ordered another 3 bottle package. This time I will be taking the capsules about 2 times a day because my blood pressure is a bit lower and I’ll get it checked again after a month. One thing I do recommend however is to buy at least the two bottle package(3 month) because it is better value and it takes about 2 months to get permanent consistently lower blood pressure in my experience.

Overall I highly recommend the Alistrol package to anyone that has high blood pressure. It has lowered my blood pressure and possibly saved me from a stroke or worse. The only problem I had with the Alistrol capsules was that taking 4 a day can be a bit much to think about but a good routine fixes that. The delivery was also slow but again I live in northern Ireland. I hope this review on Alistrol has helped.

overall well worth it

website 8/10 price 9/10 delivery 7/10 value 10/10 ease of use 8/10 effectiveness 10/10.


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