How To Make Money Online For Free – 5 Simple Steps To Make Money Online For Free (By Luthando)

The first thing you should ask yourself before learning How To Make Money Online For Free is, am I disciplined enough for an online business? I mean there are many people who will be able to build a successful internet business, but you must be patient and persistent until you have a fully functional web business. Contrary to what a lot of the guru’s say – it is not particularly easy at first for a newcomer to understand how to make money online for free, but if you are diligent and willing to learn some new skills, keep reading and I can share with you some ways you can start making money online today

Find a targeted market and determine their interests.

The easiest way to do this, is familiarize yourself with the Google keyword tool. You can find the keyword tool by going into Google, and typing the word keyword tool. It will be the first result you see. If you never used it before type in a keyword, and you will notice several results matching the keyword you typed in. These results represent the number of times someone has typed that keyword into Google.

Get a Free one page website

Take your suggested keyword and establish a web presence surrounding your keyword with a one page website. If you are not sure how to make one, there are tons of places online where you can get a free website. Places like Weebly and offer free websites. If you do know how to build websites, there are free open source companies like Kompozer or NVU that offer a free HTML editor so you can create your own website.

Make a Video surrounding your keyword

Once you have created your own website it’s time to create a content about your business and niche. Let’s make videos. Video marketing in 2011, is the best way to get the highest conversion rates online. Your Videos should be interesting, the viewer should be able to get an idea of who you are, and the market you represent, and ideally, the viewer should walk away with something new they learned by watching your video. You will also need a call to action leading them back to your website.

Write Articles about your niche

One of the best ways to learn how to make money online for free is by writing articles. The web loves new fresh and valuable content. So the more educated you become in your niche – write it down and turn it into a 400-500 word article. Submit your article to article directories online, with a link at the bottom of each article (commonly called a resource box) linking back to your website.

Blog Commenting

Have you ever heard of a blog? Well of course you have. Everyone today is blogging about something. Whether it be sports or politics, or anything – there is someone that has a blog written about that particular subject. Well blogging works in our business also. Every time you comment on a blog, it creates the potential for more traffic back to your website. Usually your comment has to be approved. So the trick here is to add something of value to the conversation of the blog. This increases your chances of your comment being approved.


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