Small Business Web Hosting: What Is Email Hosting? (By Paccosi)

Email hosting is widely used by small to medium business enterprises that rely on custom email addresses that match their website address. This service enables users to send and receive emails from their own domain name without having to set up a website. Most companies offering email hosting feature state-of-the-art grid infrastructure that provides superior email performance.

How Does Email Web Hosting Work?

In order to send and receive emails, it is necessary to have a mail server. Setting up one requires a large investment. You need to buy servers and software licenses and then hire IT specialists to maintain the system. By purchasing email hosting services from a professional web host, you will save time and money. This service utilizes web based programs for sending email messages from one port to another.

Most web hosts offer advanced email solutions on dedicated custom email platforms. Some hosting packages include secure POP access, spam and virus protection, and personalized support. It is a common practice for web hosts to store their clients’ email archives on their own servers. Email hosting providers must necessarily agree to maintain the security of their customers’ emails accounts.

The Benefits of Email Web Hosting

This type of web hosting has numerous benefits, including:

• Enhanced security
• Low startup costs
• Secure POP and IMAP access
• Secure webmail
• Shared address Book
• Reliability
• Performance
• Storage space
• Control panel
• Automated backups
• Encryption
• Advertisement free
• Spam filtering

When you sign up for email web hosting, you will get access to interactive tools and custom configurations. While most free email services come with invasive ads, email hosting is free of advertisements. The traffic is properly encrypted so you can be assured that your data is secured. Professional hosting providers support all the popular mail clients such as Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, and Microsoft Outlook.

Make sure you look for an email hosting provider that offers automated installation of antivirus software, built-in protection against spam, and 24/7 technical support. Some hosting plans come with an uptime guarantee. Most companies will give you large storage for hosting. A premium email hosting service can be easily customized to suit your business needs.

If you purchase this service, you will have access to an easy to use control panel that allows you to add or delete email accounts, upgrade your membership, or buy more storage space. A professional email hosting provider will always have a friendly and knowledgeable staff to handle your inquiries.


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