The BEST Way to Make Money With CPA Offers – Earn $50 Dollars Per Day Online (& Start Right Now) (By Luthando)

Let’s talk about making money with CPA offers. Why? Well, they happen to be one of the best, easiest and FASTEST ways to make real money online, for any real skill or experience level. And you can start pretty much immediately, once you understand how simple they really are to convert into cash.

Now, understand this before we begin: Lots of people have lots of different “definitions” of what the acronym CPA stands for. Let’s just call it “cost per action” for simplicity sake, and not care too much how smart we sound, or how much “knowledge” we have about the right sorts of “names” to drop when discussing this stuff, ok?

The EASIEST way to Monetize CPA offers is This:

Put up a review blog and just go to one of the many different networks that specialize in these offers and pick a few of the good ones. DON’T be scared off by the “guru speak”.Yes, some networks are harder to get accepted to these days (mostly due to affiliate fraud problems) but there are PLENTY of solid networks, with super solid offers out there to choose from, that will accept you.

Take 10 products and give yourself a 10 day window. Write 10 reviews of the products you want to promote and stick them on the blog. Don’t lie. Use VERBIAGE that reflects what other credible people are saying about the products, if you haven’t tried them yourself. (which in all likelihood, if you’re just getting started, you won’t have) Don’t make up fake “personalities” and create these fake blogs, either. They are being shut down…and people are being prosecuted for doing it. Just create 10 reviews, of 10 real products and post them on your blog.

Change the reviews a wee bit, and submit them to EzineArticles dot com. It’s free, and very powerful. Use your resource box to build a nice incoming link, for the PRODUCT name, specifically, on each review revision you submit. Pick the appropriate category, and you are off to the races.

(in the interest of time and space….there is only so much I can squeeze in here…but the above is ALL you need to make one or two sales a day, and pay outs with most CPA offers, especially the “free trial” variety are from 35 bucks a pop and UP)

The key is getting traffic from the directories, AND organic search (which you will if your articles are unique) and ultimately, PPC as well when you’re ready to reinvest your profits…and that’s when things REALLY get fun!


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