Ways to Make Quick Money Online for Free (By Luthando)

Let’s face it – you are really seeking ways to make a lot of money online quickly, easily and for free. The answer would be yes, you can make a lot of money and yes, you can make money online quickly, easily and for free. But all at the same time? That’s asking too much. You know, it really depends on what you are in for – it’s either you really want to make a living online or you just want to earn extra money.

Many are just content making enough money to augment their family income and are very much dedicated to their profession or day job. Still, many are seeking out ways to really hit it big online in the hopes of finally resigning from their jobs to gain more freedom. While the big-time seekers have the potential to earn huge somewhere down the road, they strive to invest effort, time and money, making sure to accomplish their goals in the fastest time possible. The extra money-seeker, on the other hand, have the comfort of having online jobs that have minimum risk and investment, but the payment they are getting are just that – extra money and nothing near what the big-time seekers enjoy.

Since the title says “Ways to Make Quick Money Online for Free,” let us hammer on the point before going off topic:

· Answering Paid Surveys
This is a potentially good online job worth having, considering the demand and the good pay for doing a relatively easy job. The only downside is that the availability of the job is restricted to certain geographical locations in the US, Canada. UK and certain European countries.

· Joining Freelance Market sites
You have to sign up for legitimate freelance market sites like oDesk, eLance and Scriptlance to start being noticed by potential clients. You have to be skilled in certain disciplines such as web development, graphic arts, animation etc. You will fare better if you have multidisciplinary skills.

· Online Writing
As popular as an online job as it is, there is never a dearth in online jobs as the demand keeps on pouring in. There are several types of online writing jobs out there from the casual blog content writing to the more specialized and technically demanding full-length e-book ghostwriting.

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