Who Are the Top 5 Silver Commentators? (By Paccosi)

David Morgan – The Silver Guru

David Morgan editor of The Morgan Report and website silver-investor.com. Mr Morgan sees his role as ‘educating people about honest money and the benefits of a sound financial system.’

The majority of his commentary comes in easily digestible podcasts on YouTube. The Silver Guru does advocate gold investment but when it comes to a monetary system believes that ‘when both metals or even three – gold, silver, and copper – are used in free-market relationships with each other, the people enjoy stability and liberty.’

David Morgan be found carrying out interviews as often he is giving them, his website keeps up-to-date with all of his latest interviews and commentary and you can find them on his YouTube channel. Whilst much of his commentary is on a subscription basis he frequently appears in various interviews for Max Keiser and financial media outlets.

On a personal note, Mr Morgan was one of the first people I met in this space and was exceptionally supportive in helping me to understand gold, silver and sound money. I can therefore vouch for the fact that he is an excellent teacher for those new to precious metals.

Dr Jeff Lewis

A medical doctor, Dr Jeffrey Lewis writes for, edits and runs silver-coin-investor.com He’s not particularly active on Twitter, he does have 14.2k followers but hasn’t tweeted since January. However he was a popular choice for those who answered my calls on Twitter for top silver investors.

Dr Lewis writes on a variety of matters regarding silver and he is one of the most regular contributors to silverseek.com. Perhaps more wide-ranging than those featured later down the list Dr Lewis’ commentary ranges from silver’s role as a monetary metal, its industrial demand to how to judge the value of the precious metal clearly.

A recent, a highly rated article, was ‘The Last Investable Moment for Silver’ where he outlined what would happen to silver when confidence in the US Dollar ‘eventually breaks’. The balance of this article, for example he acknowledges that silver may ‘never return to its constitutionally mandated position as an official currency,’ allows investors to invest in silver with a balanced perspective of how the monetary system is likely to evolve.

Dr Lewis uploads regular commentary to YouTube via his ‘silvercoininvestor’ channel. The videos merely audio commentaries and read by an auto-read service rather than the man himself. Whilst the content is worth listening to, the low viewer numbers suggest than fans of his research prefer reading the commentary found across the web.

Ted Butler

Another popular choice on Twitter there was little chance we could miss this individual.

Manipulation is something which not all gold and silver commentators agree on. However, the evidence and commentary forthcoming is not something one can miss. For those interested in following the silver manipulation debate, Ted Butler, a precious metals analyst, is known across the silver universe for commentary and postings on silver manipulation. You can find his writings on the industrial precious metal at Butler Research LLC.

His most recent article ‘Busting the Perfect Crime’ has proved particularly popular on Twitter

Some articles on manipulation to those of you new to silver investment may be hard to understand, or even put you off investing, but Mr Butler’s commentary works hard to explain why this manipulation will come to an end. Because it will come to an end, he says, then you should stock up on silver now.

He’s also not a great one for ‘sensationalized’ price predictions. Back in 2004 he was persuaded to write an article on where silver was going, he said it could go to ‘$200, $500 or $1000’ unlike many other commentators this wasn’t based on the destruction of the monetary system as we know it, or the collapse of the bond market, instead Mr Butler explained:

‘To me, silver is a “good news” metal. Its many and varied uses are all about making man’s condition better and improving standards of living. I’m a commodities guy and an optimist. I won’t advocate silver based on bad things happening that cause price appreciation. Life is too short. The great news is that nothing bad has to happen for silver to hit $200, $500, or $1000.’

Steve St. Angelo

Mr St Angelo was introduced to us by both the Twitter and G+ community and he goes by the names SRSrocco. One of his latest articles was featured in our Best of the Web section recently.

An independent researcher, SRSrocco researches ‘areas of the gold and silver market that, curiously the majority of the precious metal analyst community have left unexplored.’ His writing is gutsy and to the point. He often uses graphs to outline the distortions in the precious metal markets compared to other assets which makes understanding the fundamentals very accessible.

Like many on our list SRSrocco writes about both metals as well as the economy. He discusses silver as an investment more than as a monetary asset. For some this may be a barrier, however in terms of attracting more investors to silver this is perhaps no bad thing. His belief that gold and silver ‘are stores of trade-able energy value’ may seem a little kooky or difficult to get your head around, but nonetheless his commentary is interesting, valuable and adds a huge amount to the silver debate.

Ed Steer and Turd Ferguson

A funny one to put together, especially as they have nothing to do with one another but I’ve included them as they both work hard to bring some of the best daily commentary from both themselves and from around the web.

Mr Steer, with his Ed Steer Gold and Silver Daily Newsletter works to make sure you know what went on in the previous day’s trading. With a host of great links to ‘Critical Reads’ at the bottom of the newsletter (sometimes yours truly is featured in there as well), Mr Steer’s summary of the day’s trading, mentions of ‘da boyz’ and hat tips to other precious metals commentators make him the go-to person when it comes to staying on top of the silver markets.

Mr Ferguson runs TF Metals Report, an online blog and community which charts ‘the end of the Great Keynesian Experiment.’

Turd blogs on a daily basis, often with hand annotated charts to explain what’s been going on. He also runs a podcast which has some great guests such as Jim Willie and David Morgan (mentioned previously).

Whilst Mr Ferguson himself does some great posts it is his online community and ‘hat tipping’ that means some of the best commentary and analysis on silver is brought to your attention.

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