You’re Never Alone On The Internet (By Paccosi)

The psychology of Web 2.0.

The fear that the Internet causes isolation, that it keeps us from relating with real people and the world, has now been dispelled. Social networking has taken the Web by storm. Never before has personal opinion been so accessible or acceptable. The interactivity of Web 2.0 powered sites, such as social network sites (MySpace, Facebook, Classmates etc.) blogging (Blogger, WordPress etc.) and bookmark sites (, blink, furl etc.) have made everyone’s ideas and life potentially important. Our interests are shared and like-minded people now discuss extremely eclectic subjects. whether you like cats or bungee jumping, you can probably find E-zines, chat rooms, forums, blogs, web sites and individuals that would love to inform you, be informed and form relationships around your topic of interest.

I am an Internet marketer and I can see how Web 2.0 and the personal empowerment of networking is changing the way we do business. Early email marketing was plagued by spam and scams. The new networking strategies are creating more accountability. We are involved in online communities, and banishment (getting blocked) is the punishment for abuse. People like dealing with people, real people, so who we are is becoming as important as what we say. The concept of niche marketing, targeting interest groups, has blossomed. There are now hungry consumers and marketing platforms in a quickly growing list of interests.

I have started to see mention in psychology and counseling blogs and forums the therapeutic uses of the Internet as an esteem builder. We can reach out, be heard or just discover that we are not alone. You can become an expert in your chosen field, research any interest, find others to share information and teach or be involve in discussions to improve ourselves and pursue our dreams. This is the time to shine, get out there and be seen and heard. So don’t feel lonely or unappreciated, get online, start a blog, join a social network, be free, be YOU 2.0.


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