Employ Small Jobs (By Luthando)

Examples of micro jobs would be: ‘Liking’ a Facebook site, following someone on Twitter, Digging their site or subscribing to someone’s YouTube channel. Other types of small jobs that you might need to hire people for is to review a site or a product, place comments on your blog or write an entry on their own blog about your site. Jobs such as these are fast and simple, and it is impossible to hire one person to do all of it because of the nature of these things. Likes, subscribers and followers each must have an individual account, so each person may only do it once. But by paying a large number of people to do the same thing, you can achieve the desired goal of getting a large number of votes or subscribers. This is known as social media marketing.

So, if you want to start a social media marketing campaign, where do you start? Where do you find all of the people to employ? Small jobs such as placing comments and gaining followers don’t exactly fall under the category of payroll employment. This is where micro job websites come in. All you have to do is join some of these sites and post jobs for other people to do. Membership is usually free, and you don’t need very much money to pay the people who do the work, since you are paying less than a dollar for each job. You may be required to upload a small amount of money to the site to be used as payment for the workers, but it is usually a small amount like $10 or $20. You may not be required to give out your credit card information if you choose a site that uses Paypal. It is actually a good idea to select a site that uses Paypal because that is one of the easiest methods of payment on the web, both for employers and employees. You can hold money in your Paypal account and then only transfer it to the site as needed instead of providing credit card information that might fall into the wrong hands.

Be sure to include all the necessary details in your postings and make sure that your links are correct. Once your jobs are posted, the site will display them for employees, who will select the ones they want to do and do them. There is no need for you to search for people to employ; small jobs are exactly what some people are looking for!

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