How to Develop a Useful Business Mobile App (By Luthando)

If you are planning to develop a business mobile app, you are on the right track because this is one of the effective ways to make useful contributions towards business growth in the modern world. But, remember, your business app can only be helpful if it offers successful user experience. An app which does not provide usability & fails to make needed impression is of no use to business.

You have to be very sure before the launch that your app has all such features which can play its part well to promote your brand and generate new business opportunities. To increase usability and add value to your business app, consider the below guidelines;


Before development, it is necessary to make right selection of the platform on which the app is going to develop. There are usually two purposes on which the platform of the app is selected. One is to earn money from the app and the other is to promote business so that more & more people get aware of it.

iOS is known to be the best platform to earn money from. Apple apps are downloaded more and play a vital role towards revenue. On the other hand, if the purpose is the promotion of business, Android is simply the best having users more than iOS.


Consideration of price depends upon the purpose of mobile app development. A usable & valuable paid app can make a significant difference to the business profits. In order to promote brand to a wide audience, you need to offer the app for free so that maximum downloads can be made and more people become aware of the business.


Every app has to provide useful information to its target audience. Remember that your app is useless for your audience if it is failed to let users know about the latest offers of the business, discount rates, events & recent happenings. Therefore, it is essential that the brand is promoted through the provision of information on the app.

Social Network

One of the best ways to make your app viral on social networking sites is to add a social sharing button to you app. Once your users are able to share their experiences about the app on social media, it can help your business app to attract a big crowd.


Your application can only stay updated if you keep on making timely changes. With the change of technology, you will need to add new features & functionality to your app.


In the presence of millions of mobile applications, it is needed that an app has to offer value and should possess engaging features. Such features include;

1. Select the right platform based on the purpose of development.

2. The purpose can help you also decide whether to offer free downloads or a paid application.

3. In order to develop users’ interest, provide useful business information.

4. Add social sharing options to your app.

5. Keep your app updated.


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