5 Simple Steps – A True Action Plan To Making Money Online (By Luthando)

Are you still struggling to make any kind of money online? Despite all of the many methods that I’m sure that you’ve seen by now, you still can’t get anything going. If you are in this place right now I definitely can relate to you. There was a time when I could not make any money online even if my life depended on it. Then it finally hit me. I knew exactly why I was not making any money. It was because I wasn’t sticking with a solid plan. I have to admit that I was notorious from jumping from idea to idea. I finally realized that if I was going to make any kind of an income online that I would have to really focus on one method that I believed in.

In this article I am going to go over a simple but very effective strategy that you can use to start making money online. The great thing about this method is that it can be started today and cost very little to get up and running.

Step 1 – Find a product to sell. This is very easy because there are tons of products online that you can be an affiliate of. I would personally recommend starting out selling information type products (ebooks). You will want to promote a product that cures a problem or provides a solution to an important situation. You also want to make sure that the sales page to the eBook that you are promoting is professional looking. If you think that the sales page is cheesy then somebody else probably will too.

Step 2 – You need to do some keyword research. This is very important to do but not hard to do. There are many paid tools out there that can help you get some pretty good keywords for the niche that you are in, but you can get the job done with some free tools as well. The best free tool in my opinion is the Google keyword tool. You can find this by simply going to Google and typing in keyword took in the search box. Once you get on the site you will want to search for related keywords on your niche. The trick is that you want to find keywords that have at least 100 searches a day. You also want to make sure that you are choosing “buying keywords”. These are keywords that you think someone typing them in Google are interested in buying something. For example “how to train your dog guide” is a buying keyword, “dog training articles” are not.

Pick a few of the top keywords that you’ve found and go over to Google. Once there, do a search on each of your keywords. Go through the results and see if any of the results have the keyword in the domain name. If they don’t then try to purchase a domain name with that keyword in it. For example if your keyword is “how to train your dog guide” you should see if that domain is available. So if you can you should try to get the.com of that keyword.

Step 3 – Once you get a domain and some hosting you will ant to install WordPress on your domains server. This is very easy to do and there are many tutorials on how to do this available online. Once you have your WordPress blog setup you are ready to start adding content to it. Before we get into adding relevant content let me recommend that you get some free header creation software. I personally use Xheader. This will allow you to create a nice looking header to go on your blog. This just makes your blog look that much better. I also recommend that you add the “all in one SEO” plugin to your blog.

Now back to adding your content. Make your first post very informative and something about the product that you are promoting. Be sure to add your affiliate links throughout your post. You should hyper link your keywords. Your hyper links should lead to your products salespage. Make this first post a “sticky”.

Step 4 – Now that your blog is setup and you have your first post up, you now need to go back to your keyword list that you have and add some more post everyday based around each of your keywords.

Step 5 – Create some accounts at no less then 10 of the top ranked article directory sites. To find these sites just do a Google search on the phrase “top article directories”. Once your accounts are setup you should start writing and submitting articles based around the main keywords that you have found for your niche. Use your keyword at least 2-4 times in your articles. Bold one of your keywords, underline another and italic another. This will really help rank your articles better.

In your articles resource box be sure to put a link back to your blog in it. Try to write at least 2 articles a day. Doing this along with consistently adding post to your blog should definitely start making you some money online. Learning how to make money online doesn’t have to be difficult. At the end of the day it really is all about focus and dedication.

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