How Are Toll Free Numbers Disconnected and Made Available to Others? (By Luthando)

When you check with the Instant 800 Lookup, you will find some toll free numbers as Disconnected or Transition (recently changed). These numbers are said to be in the aging process and will eventually be returned to the available pool and you will have the opportunity to back order them. When a subscriber cancels a toll free number for whatever reasons or fails to pay for it within the time limit the toll free number will obviously be disconnected.

When a phone company completely disconnects a toll free number, it is kept in an aging process for exactly four months before it is made available once again. This waiting period is intended to minimize the number of wrong numbers and to give the previous owner a reasonable opportunity to retrieve the number if they still need it. Some numbers do get taken back occasionally, but most of them undergo the aging process.

There are some people who research on these numbers and try to seize them as soon as they come out. These can at times be some of the best 800 numbers -although they may take considerable time and effort and cost more than ordinary activations.

It is also a fact that there are some over enthusiastic people on the prowl and grabs all vanity toll free numbers and even toll free numbers that are remotely fascinating within seconds of their becoming available. These grabbers are not taking the numbers for passing on to customers. They are seizing them for themselves to make money through wrong numbers or with the intention of selling or renting them for fabulous sums of money.

Of course, there are instances when a phone company disconnects the toll free number internally without disconnecting it in the national database. These locally disconnected numbers will understandably not find a place in the aging process.

There is no denying that toll free-numbers are so popular and in such great demand all the time that once a number is retired, there is a widespread clamor to obtain it. The biggest reason for this is the toll free numbers are an effective way to bring more and more customers to a business or supporters for a cause.

Many owners of 1-800 numbers have a tendency to cling on to a good number even if they take a break from their business as they know it is a prized possession. When only paying for incoming calls, having a number that is temporarily not in use costs very little, why needlessly surrender as you might need it later on. If you can only locate the owner of a disconnected 800 number for purchasing that number, this is then the best method to own that number.

There are also some well-intentioned agencies who offer real back-order service of this kind. They will do the research and tell you the exact date it comes out of disconnect and will try to get it for you in that first second. Of course, this is only available to you on a first come first served basis.

You can always take your chances as it does not cost you money and if you do get it, then automatically it becomes your number and you will be required to pay the back-order fee. The fee may vary for different toll free numbers (866,877, 888 and 800).


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