How to Make Money Using PayPal (By Luthando)

The method that I use involves sending referrals to incentive freebie websites as a way of earning a decent online salary.

Incentive Freebie Websites (IFWs) are websites run by affiliate marketers who are receiving commissions for each sale that they bring to their publishers. IFWs pay out money to users who sign up for publishers’ offers through their website, since they are receiving a large commission from each publisher for each sale that they make. In other words, IFW sites will have large collections of offers from different publishers and they receive money when their users sign up for offers through their unique affiliate links. Let us look at the given example for some clarity on what was just mentioned:

Example 1:

Let’s say Company X runs an online movie rental service. They have an affiliate program in which they pay their affiliates (in our case the IFW) $50 for each person that they refer to try their online movie rental service which is a 7 day free trial followed by a monthly fee. This means that as soon as someone signs up through this offer from the IFW site, the IFW site has already earned $50.That means that the IFW can pay its users $25 to sign up for Company X’s online trial rental service through their referral link, and still come out netting a $25 profit. In other words, Company X pays the IFW for having you sign up for their offer and then the IFW site pays you for signing up using their unique affiliate link. In this way, all three parties benefit. It is a win-win-win.

Steps in the Process:

– Somebody signs up on the IFW Site for free
– the user then completes an offer
– the IFW now receives money from the publishers
– The IFW now pays its user a percentage of that money
– All 3 parties involved came out ahead

Here is how:

1. The Publisher: Company X is happy to pay $50 for each new person that is referred to their online movie-rental service. This is because this one new customer can lead to $100s of dollars of profit in the future in potential earnings if the user continues to use Company X’s rental service. For example, if the user begins to pay $20 a month for Company X’ services after his free trial ends and uses their service for 5 years, then Company X will be earning $1,200 from this one user. That is why Company X feels confident paying an IFW $50 (even for a free trial) for each new user that is referred to their service. Even if only 1 of 10 users continue to use Company X’s service past the free trial, they are still coming out ahead.

2. The Affiliate Marketer = The IFW: The IFW itself is paying each user that signs up for the Company X’s offer through their link $25. This means that someone signs up on their site for free, completes a publisher’s offer through their unique link, and then earns money from the IFW. This is because the IFW is earning a $50 commission for each user that signs up for Company X ‘s free trial through their referral link. Essentially, they are earning $25 for each sale that they bring in after paying out 50% of its profit to its users. Once again in our theoretical example, the publisher pays the IFW $50, and the IFW earns $25 profit, and pays its user $25.

3. The IFW Users: The user is earning $25 for signing up for Company X’s online rental service which happens to be a completely free trial. All the IFW user has to do to earn money is complete offers which s/he might have been interested in signing up for anyway. It is an easy way to make money and as stated above, the publishers and IFWs are happy to pay out commissions for new users who are interested in signing up for their services. It is important to note that many of the offers are only available for United States and Canadian residents.

To review, here are the steps of how the process works

1. A user signs up at an IFW site which is absolutely free
2. The user then signs up for an offer through the IFW site. When this happens, the user is making a sale through the unique affiliate link of the IFW administrator (the affiliate marketer).
3. The next step of the process is that the publisher pays out a commission to IFW site.
4. The IFW administrator then pays the IFW user a percentage of the money received from the publishers
5. The user refers a few friends and earns $40 for each friend that completes an offer.

You can continue doing this forever as long as you can continue to find referrals which can be done by posting on the internet on forums. Trust me, $40 a referral can really add up!

Payments are almost always sent via PayPal, since that is the most convenient way of facilitating this process for the IFW admin, and for its users. PayPal is fast, free, and in the end of the day, it is the simplest way of transferring money on the internet. You can choose to have your money sent to you by a check but that will clearly take longer. Also, most IFW sites even cover the PayPal fees for you so you earn 100% of your earnings without having to cover a transaction fee.

This is legal and sustainable, which makes it unique in terms of ways of earning PayPal money online!


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