Is My Free Implants A Legitimate Way To Get Free Breast Enlargement Surgery? (By Luthando)

My Free Implants claims to be a revolutionary way for women to obtain free breast enlargement surgery. Women, who otherwise would never be able to afford the surgery, can finance their breast implants simply by becoming a member of the My Free Implants website. The owners claim that all they are doing is offering a novel and fun way of financing an expensive cosmetic surgery. Their critics, however, have accused the website of exploitation, of trivializing a serious procedure and of making claims of altruism when in fact profiting from people’s baser desires. In this article I will be looking at each of these criticisms in order to discover whether or not My Free Implants is a legitimate method of obtaining free breast enlargement surgery.

Does My Free Implants Exploit Women?

There are two complementary criticisms in play here. Firstly, there is the notion that any woman wanting breast implants has already been exploited by a male-dominated society that values physical appearance more than it does worthwhile achievements. This being so, the critics claim, My Free Implants is guilty of perpetuating the myth that women need so-called ‘perfect breasts’ and is guilty of make money out of women’s insecurity.

Secondly, the website encourages women to send out pictures and videos of themselves to male users in return for donations. These pictures are often titillating and some are blatantly sexual. The way the website is designed, so the critics claim, encourages this kind of activity. Female members will be under pressure, it has been argued, to pose for ever more degrading pictures in order to generate more donations and reach their goal of free implants.

Does My Free Implants trivialize cosmetic surgery?

This claim has arisen from a confusion. The website does not select a plastic surgeon for any of the women using the service. All women, looking for free breast implants, must have a consultation with a board certified cosmetic surgeon and be approved for surgery. The website does not encourage women to have the surgery since all their members have already made the decision to do so. Female members are encouraged to write in their profiles about why they need the surgery. A quick survey of the site will reveal that the women online are not taking their breast implants trivially.

Is My Free Implants a website motivated by altruism?

The use of the words benefactor to describe the male users and donation to describe the transfer of money from male users to female ones suggests that there is an altruistic motive behind women receiving their free implants. However, this facade vanishes quite quickly. Almost all the donations are in return for something. Some women explicitly state what kinds of pictures, videos, chat, etc. they will do in return for specified amounts of ‘donations’.

The structure of the site means that men must pay (with pre-purchased credits) to send messages to women. The women receive a dollar towards their surgery from each message received. The act of giving a female user a dollar by sending a message can not be properly called altruistic. Presumably the man expects a reply and there is no option of sending a message and not ‘donating’ a dollar.

My Free Implants makes its money from the subscription fees that men must pay to unlock all of the features of the website (such as the live chat facility) and from the message credits than must be purchased into to contact women. The website is free for the female users.

Is My Free Implants a legitimate method of getting free breast implants?

On the count of exploiting women, the jury is out on this one. The website itself does not exploit the female members. All women joining the site have a choice whether they send out explicit or titillating pictures of themselves to male users in order to received donations. Many women choose not to and this seems to have no effect on how long it takes for them to accrue the money needed for their cosmetic surgery. If it were the case that only women posing for and sending out provocative pictures stood a chance of getting free implants then maybe the website would be more accountable on the charge of exploitation. But as it stands, whether or not female desire for bigger breasts is the result of society-wide exploitation is not the point when judging My Free Implants on its own merits (or lack of).

I can not find any evidence of the website trivializing cosmetic surgery. They make finding the money for pay for the surgery easier and so breast implants are more accessible to some. But since all women require the approval of a board certified plastic surgeon simply offering a way of paying for the procedure can not be considered treated breast enlargement as trivial.

My Free Implants is not a charity. They are a website designed to make money. This alone isn’t enough to damn them. A loan company or bank providing the financing for breast implant surgery, lends money for profit, and is not judged ill for this. In addition, the surgeons themselves are not working for free. However, the website does seem to go out of its way to suggest altruistic motives behind the ‘donations’. I can’t see how this affects a judgment on whether My Free Implants is a legitimate route to free breast surgery.


My Free Implants is certainly legitimate in that women have and do get the money for their breast implants. This being so, the website is not a scam and the claim of free cosmetic surgery is true. However, due to the exchange of pictures and videos for donations that does occur, even though it is accepted not by everyone, the website will always be controversial.

As long as women know what they are getting into then there seems to be little wrong with funding cosmetic surgery using this website.


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