Make Money As an Amazon Affiliate (By Luthando)

Ask anybody to recommend an online store, and chances are they will say Amazon. Amazon is one of the most trusted brands on the Internet for online shopping. Amazon is also one of the first to offer an affiliate marketing program. They saw the value of creating opportunities for people to work from home promoting Amazon products. You can build a business on that trust and make money as an Amazon affiliate.

What You Need

Before you sign up as an Amazon affiliate, you need some sort of platform to promote products. The most common way to promote any affiliate products is through websites and blogs. Although there are many free blog sites such as Weebly and Google’s Blogger, a paid blog or website looks more professional and will earn more trust. You also need to set up a PayPal account so that your commissions can be sent to you.

Getting Started

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a matter of going to their site and signing up. Amazon calls their affiliate program “Amazon Associates”, and the sign up link is on the bottom of their page. Once you go through the sign up process you are given an associates identification. Be sure to read through all of their site to fully understand how to place your unique identification on your links so that you get credit for sales and get paid.


When choosing products to promote as an Amazon affiliate, look for products that interest you. One of the best methods of promoting a product is by writing reviews or articles about the product. Remember that as an affiliate marketer, you are selling a product to a consumer without them seeing the product first hand. You must create a reason for them to purchase the product. Amazon has many tools within the affiliate center to help you promote products. The tools they have include product links, banners and even an opportunity to build a web store to place on your site.

Earning Potential

As an Amazon affiliate, your earning potential is unlimited. Unlike promoting a single product or ebook, you have an opportunity to earn a commission on any item a customer purchases at Amazon through your unique link. For example, let’s say that you have a web site or blog about cooking. You place a few links to recipe books on your site. A reader at your site clicks on one of those links and they get taken to Amazon through your unique link. The customer buys the book, but they also may purchase cooking equipment or some other item within Amazon. Instead of just getting a commission on the book sale, you get a commission on the entire sale.

Amazon is among the best in affiliate marketing programs, and is a viable option for creating a good income. You can see just how quickly you can become an Amazon affiliate and make money at home promoting Amazon products. Go to Amazon and check out the affiliate program for yourself.


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