The 3 Easiest Ways For Newbies to Start Earning Online (By Luthando)

The internet made the world a smaller place to live in where you can connect with anyone anywhere in the world. With just few clicks one can access millions of information that are helpful, amusing and improving our knowledge in almost all fields of interest.

As years grow in number so with the internet that grows millions of pages per day which means millions of people access the internet daily for various of reasons and one of this money making online. People of various races, ages and gender who are digging the internet for income opportunities and it is a fact that it is a money making machine especially for those who have been in the business for long. But how can a beginner ever take a spot in the ever changing money making world in the internet?

You might think that a beginner cannot start making money, it’s a myth! All the gurus who are making money online are people who started as beginners and grew into experts as time passed by. They didn’t lose hope and continued doing their job in consistent basis. Here’s the 3 easy ways to make money online for beginners or those people who are not earning money despite of constant work online.

a.) Doing what you know and incorporate affiliate marketing in the picture. Do you have a hobby or a passion and loves talking about it? If so, put it in writing web logs or articles and put a recommendation somewhere in the body or at the end or your blogs or articles. In this way you are giving people who are visiting your blog great information and at the same time giving them a good reason to click on your embedded affiliate link. Being an affiliate is very easy and free. You will just have to sign-up to an affiliate marketing center like or and find products related to your passion and embed your affiliate link. Do these in consistent basis, making a blog like a hobby and for a span of 3 months you’ll earn great income.

b.) If you cannot wait for 3 months, you have to buy your own website and put some contents in it putting your affiliate products in there putting information about these products when website visitors things they need the product you are selling or promoting they would buy from you. I have made this and it’s really better to have your own website because it’s like branding and it urged you to exert more effort because it’s like your own business. You are also free to add other money making gadgets like Google ads which is another income stream.

c.) You can join in a membership website where they give you a website loaded with thousands of products and you got to promote only one link. I love this kind of business because you give website visitors choices of products and the commissions will be split with you and the site owner. It is not unfair because if you don’t know any technical things about website making, the web master will do, update and maintain the website and they are the one responsible in putting affiliate products from or PayDotcom as a result you just split the commissions 50-50. It is free and the income is unlimited.

Keep in mind though that there’s no fast and easy way to riches in the internet, you have to give it some time and keep the efforts. You have to be creative in your money making business and don’t waste your time thinking about silly promises. You got to act to earn.


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