AdSense Alternatives – How To Make Money Without Google AdSense (By Luthando)

Google AdSense has long been a mainstay for web-masters looking to make money online. It has everything that a site owner could wish for in an affiliate program. It is easy to set up and use, visitors to the site are familiar with it, and as a consequence are not afraid to click on the adverts, Google tends to pay on time and the correct amount and with decent traffic figures to a site, you can make a decent amount of money.

However… There are compelling reasons for staying clear of AdSense. Perhaps you are one of the many web-masters who have inadvertently breached Google’s strict terms of service and consequently found themselves with a banned account and no income.

Or maybe you succumbed to the temptation of clicking on the published ads on your own site which also resulted in you losing your AdSense account.

Perhaps you don’t like having all your pay-per-click ads all in one basket. With a diverse portfolio of accounts, if Google does close you down then you still have the comfort of established alternate revenue streams.

Maybe you’re one of the site operators who just doesn’t want to contribute to thee Big ‘G’s global domination plan.

Whatever the reason for distancing yourself from the Google AdSense program you will be pleased to know that there are many diverse and successful alternatives available. The difficulty isn’t really finding an alternative, it is judging how successful a particular program is and how well that program will fit in with your site style, niche and publication.

There is much anecdotal evidence to the success of the larger programs such as BidVertiser, ADSDAQ, Adbrite and Chitika. And all of the programs offer partner publishers the option to easily customize the appearance of the published ads, Chitika even allows you to choose the products which will be displayed in you publication or blog.

Another advantage a number of these programs have over Google is that your account only has to have earned $10 before a payment becomes due, this figure is set at $100 with Google AdSense.

In a similar manner to Google, most of these alternate programs can send you your payment by cheque if you choose, however, unlike Google, they also offer the convenience of PayPal payments as well.

Another significant advantage and it follows an advantage to your earnings is that many of these PPC programs allow you to host more than one advertising networks on your site.

So to recap, if you are considering exploring other ad’ publishing opportunities for your sites then you have a lot more choice than Google’s AdSense program. Whilst Google benefits from being the largest network with a reputation for consistency and integrity, the other smaller networks can still deliver a steady income with the added benefits of lower payout thresholds, a variety of payment options, ease of application and many diverse methods to integrate and customize the adverts with your publications, websites or blogs.


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