Free Money-Making Opportunities – What Can You Expect? (By Luthando)

If you’re looking for free money-making opportunities, you might be wondering if they really could be totally free, and if they would make you any money. Take a look at these questions and answers to learn more.

Are There Really Such Things As Free Money-Making Opportunities?

Yes, there are.

Don’t fool yourself. There are a few people who are willing to spend years and lots of money creating a product. They have a very slim likelihood of any financial rewards, but if they break through, they make a fortune.

However, we are some who prefer to get a zero risk business. Yes, we might not make as much, especially not right away, but on the other hand, we didn’t face the peril of going broke.

What Can I Expect, If I Work From Home?

A few people don’t like it. They want to be surrounded by colleagues, when they are working.

Nevertheless, if you can overcome that hurdle, for instance, by having virtual colleagues connected through a messenger programme, it’s an ideal situation to make money from home.

You’ll have the freedom to be with your family and friends, when you want to.

You can take care of your pets. They’ll love you for staying at home.

And if you don’t like doing a specific thing, you can choose not to, and either just let it go, or outsource it.

How Do I Start Without Any Investment?

My advice is to start out with a blog.

This is easy to do; it’s free; and there’s a possibility for money both over a short term, but certainly also for over a longer period.

You can make a free blog at, and since it’s owned by Google, it’s easy to get permission to put their ads on your blog. It took one of my students less than an hour to get accepted, when she followed my advice.

How Can I Make Money With A Blog?

There are several ways to go.

Maybe the easiest and most obvious route is to put AdSense on it. If you write around one topic, the ads that will be served will be relevant for your content, and you should be able to make an income, as soon as you get a little traffic.

Another way to go is by selling other people’s products, the so-called affiliate products. You can write about them, and leave a link for your visitors to go and buy them. And you’ll make money in the process.


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