Making Extra Income From One Hour of Work (By Luthando)

Making extra income is something a lot of people want and need to do, but most of us do not have the time with our present responsibilities. Wouldn’t it be great to work one hour, then sit back and watch extra cash flow into your PayPal account weekly? Mind you I am not going to lie and make claims of hundreds of dollars, but you will see $20 here and $40 there ever couple of days, if this strategy is done properly.

First you want to find a Click bank product and do some keyword research by pulling Google up in your browser. Now type in, Google keyword tool and hit return. Now you have in the first link a free keyword search tool. Bring the Google keyword search tool up in one window and then bring up Google in a second window.

Let’s say you want to promote a new digital product on click bank called Avoiding Childhood Obesity. We type all three words in, avoiding childhood obesity into the Google keyword search tool, fill out the captcha and hit return. Tons of keywords and phrases are going to be popping up below, now click on Global Monthly Search Volume, until the high number starts at the top.

Let’s go to the bottom were it starts at 1,000 hits a month and work our way up the list until we find a word with less than 50,000 competing web pages for that exact term. For example, let’s say we find the key phrase obesity among children and it is getting 1,600 hits a month. We are looking for 1,000 or more hits, so 1,600 is in the ball park.

Next you type in obesity among children into Google and hit search, but make sure you put parenthesis on each end, example, “obesity among children”. That way Google will search for that exact phrase and it comes out to 48,000 competing web pages, excellent we have a winner. Now the lower you can get the competing web pages the better your response in traffic.

Now write an article using the key phrase, obesity among children and post on EzineArticles. Also you will want to put together a blog on that key phrase through blogger with a text link taking everyone to the affiliate link. The affiliate link is the sales page where your visitors will be ending up and part of them will purchase. Make sure you have a text link in your article author box to your small blog with the link on it.

Now the best part, once your article is accepted it will just keep getting circulated and read over and over again. This will produce sales repeatedly for months and years to come. If the affiliate product ever ceases to exist, don’t worry there is a fix! Just find another affiliate product and put that link into your blog in place of the deceased product you have been selling. This way your articles will always be current and all that work will not go to waste. Oh, if you want to make more money each week, then turn out another article with a different key phrase. So isn’t it time to print this article and get busy making extra income?


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