The Step by Step Guide to Making Money Giving Away Free Stuff (By Luthando)

There are many ways to make money online. If you are just starting out, one of the easiest ways to do this is to promote Cost Per Action (CPA) offers. Although some of these offers are commissioned based where you split the commissions with the owner, other offers allow you to give away things for free in exchange for a payment.

What makes this such a great system is that you don’t have to do traditional selling. You are often promoting offers for big name companies, which adds credibility to your offers. It is simple to get started, but you still have to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and building a business. There is a simple way to do this.

CPA Fix is the answer. This comprehensive forum and resource offers everything you need to get started with CPA offers. It includes everything from a forum to reviews and offers. Everything has been organized to make it as easy as possible to learn how to promote them too. Because this is a high traffic site, it’s an opportunity to connect with those who are serious about CPA marketing and learn from them.

CPA Fix is run by expert internet marketer Oliver Kenyon, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He has created one of the most incredible internet marketing resources I’ve seen, and it’s also the most comprehensive and and complete resources on CPA.

It includes the following free resources:

Forum – connect with other CPA marketers, as well as CPA companies. Get your questions answered and help others.

Blog – get the latest updates and resources related to CPA and promoting CPA.

List – find the top CPA networks as rated by affiliates. Don’t waste your time promoting offers that don’t convert. Only the best are listed here.

Reviews – read reviews on each of the CPA networks. Just about every network you can imagine is listed here.

Offers – get the latest offers directly from the networks. Search for the offers you are interested in.

Deals – Get all the best tools here. You’ll find everything from web hosting to pay per click advertising. Save big when you’re building your new business.

Need more help? Then check out the Dojo. This section of the site offers step by step guides, case studies, daily updates and more to help you succeed in CPA.

Although there are many resources on the internet to teach you CPA, nothing is more comprehensive than CPA Fix. This site offers an incredible amount of information on CPA absolutely free. Oliver Kenyon is a top notch marketer who knows his topic inside and out, and he has built a resource of incredible value. If you want to learn CPA marketing, everything you need is right here and this is the first place to start.


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