Top Tips For Earning Money With Google AdSense (By Luthando)

Earning money with Google AdSense is an enigma that a lot of beginners find challenging. They would work on their site for a few hours per day and then check their AdSense income day after day, and the balance still remains on “$0.00”. Then one day, they check their AdSense balance, and it says “$1.00”.

This makes newbies do the happy dance. They jump for joy and can’t believe their eyes. They are then inclined to do more marketing so that they can get more results, but the amount of marketing that they do isn’t enough to dramatically improve their $1 into $10 a day. They think that they can just do a little bit of free marketing, and then that would be the end of it. Unfortunately however, this isn’t true.

You need to do a lot of things everyday if you’re planning on doing free marketing. It should line up in the perfect order of your daily tasks. One of those tasks should be writing everyday. Writing everyday will give you more content, will help to get you found in the search engines, and will make the AdSense ads that appear on your site more relevant to your audience.

Writing everyday isn’t hard. Start slow, then work your way up. If you can write 1 article per day, that’s a VERY good start. Some people write 1 article every 2 weeks, and wonder why their article marketing efforts aren’t effective. You have to continually write everyday. It’s content, and content is king online.

If you ever run out of things to write about, see if you can get your hands on some article writing templates. These are templates that help you to inspire more article ideas without you creating (virtually) duplicate content on your website.

With the right article templates, you can quickly and easily come up with a good article, and then use another template to write another good article. And then when you’re done, submit them to the article directories.

This method can bring you hundreds of hits to your website – but you have to write a lot. I personally think that article marketing is better than “search engine optimization”, because the protocols and rules of search engines may change on you at anytime. Which means that one day you could be on page 1 of a particular search term. And then 4 days later… you discover that your same ranking has been replaced, and now you are on page 3 of search results. It’s really unstable.

Making money with Google AdSense can be simplified, but only if you’re willing to put in the work that’s necessary to make it succeed. Traffic is one of the main things that you should be focused on, and after that, you can do things with your website to help you monetize it even more. Google AdSense is a great start once you have the traffic, and it can bring you endless results for a very long time.

Be sure to take these tips and use them in your online business today. AdSense is a great program and if you’re looking for a way to monetize your site without creating any products or experiencing any refunds, then it’s a great route to go on. Try it out and see how good it works for you.

Good luck with making money with Google AdSense.


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