$100 Drop Card Marketing For Your Online MLM Business (By Luthando)

I took some advice from a colleague of mine, known as the Drop Card King (aka Cedrick Harris). The Drop Card King has been involved as an online MLM marketer for years. He revealed a secret marketing strategy. And, although claims he isn’t the one who started the $100 Drop Card Marketing strategy, as far as I know, he is probably the one who is the best at it and has been the most successful.

Cedrick shared this awesome marketing strategy on a webinar one evening. He even shared some great techniques for using the Drop Cards. For example, use them at a gas station. A folded $100 Drop Card will fit perfectly into the credit card slot on a gas pump, and it has to be removed when someone wants to slide their card. This is, by far, the best and most fun way to use the cards since there are multiple pumps at each station and a gas station on just about every corner.

Another way to use the cards is at convenience stores, grocery stores, etc. They have free publications like home rental books, real estate books, auto traders, pennysavers, and much more. Take a few minutes next time you are at the store and insert one of the $100 Drop Cards in each of the books.

One of the techniques Cedrick shared involves bookstores. This is an awesome idea. Go to the bookstore (any bookstore will work), and head over to the self-help area. Find the books like, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, the “Millionaire Mind”, “Think and Grow Rich”; insert the folded card in between the pages. Someone will buy that book, and some day when they are reading it, $100 dollars will drop out.

Junk mail is another means to using this strategy. We all get junk mail, and lots of times there is a return envelope that is already postage paid – you do not need a stamp. Place a $100 Drop Card into the return envelope (it’s a good idea to probably fold a regular sheet of paper around it so it can’t be seen through the envelope). Now, mail it. The person in the mailroom of that company who opens the return mail and finds that card may be waiting for the opportunity you have.

There are so many strategies you can use for Drop Card marketing. I started thinking of some of my own techniques and I just had to try it out for myself! So, I ordered my $100 Drop Cards. That part was easy – just created a couple of lines of text – like “Dead End Job?”, “Fire Your Boss!”, or “Gain Financial Freedom!” – to customize it, including adding my website address. When the Drop Cards arrived, I was amazed. They looked very real. You have to be careful not to accidentally pass these off at the store or gas station.

Now, I’m obsessed with this marketing strategy. It’s outrageously fun to watch people pick one up and discreetly and quickly put it in their pocket. Once in a while, someone will read it and throw it down. But, there is always another person that comes along and picks it up. This strategy is recyclable, it doesn’t go to waste.

There are so many places to strategically place the cards, such as book stores, newspaper stands; way too many to list here. You can randomly drop them in busy places, like grocery stores and airports. Even busy people will stop to pick up $100 bill.

If you are an online MLM distributor and want to drive offline traffic to your online business, you have to try this unique marketing strategy. It’s a small investment in your business, and very well worth it. It’s an easy marketing technique to incorporate into any MLM business. Best of all, its fun to watch people find a Hundred Bucks. Thanks Drop Card King!

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