Classic Lotto – Free Tips Inside (By Luthando)

If you are dying to win the Classic Lotto but just could not find a way to get all those numbers right at the same time, you are fortunate to have found this article. There are actually tons of tips in winning the Connecticut lottery game, it is just that most people do not take the time to look for these tips and just continue to bet randomly. Yes, the lottery is mostly a game of chance but it is also possible to win the lottery by basing your choices on statistics. A lot of people do not think this way because they are immediately convinced that they only have one in about a gazillion chance of actually hitting the jackpot when in fact, if you just follow these tips and strategies faithfully, you can have as much as 85% chances of getting that jackpot prize.

The reason why the pot for the Classic Lotto and other lottery games keeps on increasing and increasing until it becomes multi-million dollars is because people continue picking numbers they have seen in their dreams or have something to do with their birthdays or their loved ones’ birthdays. They also take into consideration dates that have significance to them and base their choices for their number set on that. Obviously, this is an ineffective way to play the lottery. If this betting style is effective, why are so many people losing dollars everyday just because of the lottery?

Of course, you would not want to continue wasting your money on lottery bets no matter how small the amount is so you would take these tips to heart and follow them carefully whenever you bet on the lottery. The first rule and probably the most helpful rule in betting is mixing both odd and even numbers in your set. A lot of people make the mistake of concentrating on just one number group and that is a no no when it comes to the lottery. Doing that would only result to a two to three percent possibility of winning the jackpot; whereas, if you put three odd and two even numbers in your selection, your chances of winning would go up to 85%. Now, that is a really big difference and having an 85% chance of hitting the jackpot is so close to a guaranteed win.

You can only have that chance if you use logic in betting and not just choose whichever numbers you please. You can also up your chances of winning further by mixing numbers from high and low divisions. The rule in the odd and even numbers also applies here. Just make sure that there are two to three numbers from the low division and two to three numbers from the high division. Just take note that you have to spread your number choices as much as possible to make winning a lot more probable. Even if you do not end up winning the jackpot prize, winning the minor prizes could already give you enough profit.


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