Earn Money Online – Will You Really Get Paid by Online Paid Survey Sites? (By Luthando)

Online paid surveys can help you if you want to make easy and free money online. It is a legit and good way to earn money online. The concept of online paid surveys is easy. Global companies want to know the views of their costumers. And they collect data of their costumers’ views. And they use them to improve their product qualities.

Now they run online surveys and they paid to their costumers for their time and views. Moreover they have budget for surveys as they have budget for their advertisement program.

Anyone can make easy money with online paid surveys if he invests a little time on paid survey sites. It’s easy to earn money with online paid surveys. First, you need to find a list of more than 150 paid survey sites. And after that you need to join every site. Once you have done this, you will receive plenty of survey invitations. After that you should check your email box daily. Also check your spam folder so that you will not loss any useful survey invitation. Normally survey companies pay you $2 to $20 for each completed survey. Some times you will not qualify for any specific surveys, at that time your name will be entered into monthly draw to win cash or prices.

Some of survey panels will invite you to join focus groups of your area. Each time when you participate in focus group you can easily make $50 to $100 or more. In focus groups you will meet people those have similar views on different topics.

Some panels also invite you to participate in offline surveys and phone surveys. You can much money by participation in phone surveys.

Your payment will be sent whenever you reach minimum payable amount. Survey panels normally send payment via Paypal or Check. Paypal is the faster way to get paid rather than check. Some times you will be offered for Amazon.com gift card or and some other online shopping cards. Expert suggest that you should avoid mystery shopping while taking surveys, because it will not worth for your time and work.

It’s truth that you will get paid for taking surveys, but don’t think you will get bulk on money by just sharing your opinions. It is not a way to do full-time and quite your job. So, if you want to make big amount of money than you should not to do it. Do some other things like affiliate marketing. Paid surveys are good to make pretty good extra money.

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