The Correct Strategy To Making Money Online (By Luthando)

Hey Guys,

I’m amazed with how many people take the slow route to making an online income. Well, maybe not amazed because of all the misinformation around these days. People fail online because of implementing the wrong strategies and taking the snail approach to affiliate marketing. It shouldn’t take years to earn a full time income online, in fact, it shouldn’t take any more than 6 months with the right approach. This is the approach I recommend every new person to internet marketing should take. Of course there’s still work to do, but not half as much as the other recommendations on many sites around the web.

–Look into creating a squeeze page

–Drive traffic to that page through forum posting, social media, classified ads, paid solo ads, banner ads, article marketing etc

–Have a quality free offer to give to people who sign up to your list

–Continue to build trust with your list by giving them good information on a regular basis

–Find a quality product to sell those people, but only offer it to them after providing value

The above strategy is how all the big boys make money online and anybody who tells you different is a liar, or they haven’t a bloody clue what they’re talking about.

This is the strategy you should be learning. You can learn this for free on the web. It will take time to master, but if you take action and consistently move forward with this approach then you will be miles ahead of 99% of the people out there today.

Building blogs and promoting products on that website is ridiculously slow and is the reason so many people fail online. In order to earn enough income to be comfortable from AdSense, you will have to do a ridiculous amount of work that can take you years to achieve.

Some will tell you that “yes” it takes time, but in the end you will get to where you want to be. I say, that’s the wrong way to approach making money. What about the years of constant work you put in? If you had a full time job you could have saved a couple of thousand and put that into paid advertising within that time. You would then see instant results by sending that traffic to an opt-in page where you would begin to build your online “ASSET”… your LIST.

I know a lot of people on this forum love AdSense, but there is absolutely NO way it compares to building a list from the beginning. What the real big earners won’t tell you is that they make 90% of their income from their list… period. There may be a few exceptions, but believe me, your list will be your most important asset and it is currently the ONLY push button money making system that exists on the internet.

I make a decent living from building websites because i have been at it for years, but i made more money in my first 6 months building a list than i did in many years taking the beaten path that so many (too many) people are told to.

Making money online is 100% about strategy. If you have the right strategy in place then you will NOT spend years spinning your wheels.

Making money is not that difficult. If I was to start again tomorrow this is what I would do…

1) Purchase a quality PLR product for around $100 – $200 that I know my target audience will absolutely LOVE. It’s a onetime payment but ESSENTIAL to my future success with the list I will be building.

2) Build a squeeze page and set up an opt-in form.

2b) Build a personal branded authority website and populate it with 5 quality articles related to my niche. Also have an “about me” page where I would tell my subscribers everything about me (obvious) to help them connect with a REAL person. (Put an opt-in form on that website too).

3) Drive traffic to squeeze page through the FREE and PAID methods I mentioned earlier in this post.

4) Give them that quality product for FREE when they opt-in so I can build a great relationship with them straight from the outset.

5) Continue to provide valuable information to that list and always have a link back to my authority website so they can get to know me on a personal level.

6) Go out and find quality affiliate products that I know can help them. These products have to be very high quality so you should only market products that you know are good. Write a review about that product on your authority site to redirect them to if they are not sure whether to buy or not. I would write a review about every product I promote to my list. This will give them more a reason to buy from me as they will know I’m not just promoting crap and that I have taken a good look at it before I promote it.

Now, the quality product that I gave them foe FREE should be enough to convince them that I’m not just another marketer trying to hard sell them. They will realize that I am a person who provides value above everything else. They will also get a sense of this because I have a personal website where they can read everything about me and see that I am a real person. I will have photos of me on that website and I will make sure that my marketing life is as transparent as it possibly can be.

When I begin to build this relationship with my list, I will ALWAYS let them know that they can contact me at any time and that I am there to help them on their journey. They will read about my journey on my “about me” page and I will do my best to make a personal connection with them.

I will NEVER hard sell my list… NEVER. I will only recommend products that I can be sure are quality and like I mentioned earlier, I will have a review about the product on my personal website if they are looking for more details.

I will GIVE GIVE GIVE and then subtly SELL..GIVE GIVE GIVE and subtly SELL… You get my point.

If I had no start up money to pay for some of my traffic I would get a part time job to fund it. I would clean bloody toilets if I had to…after all, this is a REAL business that I’m setting up.

That’s what I would do, and I am certain that after 6 months hard word work I would have such a responsive list that I would make 10 times more than I would have if I took any other approach.


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