What’s the Difference Between the Pelican Natursoft and NuvoH2O Salt Free Water Softener? (By Luthando)

If you’re currently considering buying a salt free water softener, then you’re probably trying to decide between a Pelican Natursoft or the NuvoH2O. They both offer the same benefits but use different methods to reduce water hardness.

Both salt free water softener models offer the same positive results. They eliminate the need for the use of salt. No more spending money on large bags of salt and adding harmful salt water to the environment. You won’t have anymore high electric bills since both don’t use electricity. Both extend the life of your pipes and appliances. Both models don’t cause a slimy or slippery feeling like that of water softened with salt.

But both are different when it comes to the method for reducing water hardness. The Pelican Natursoft uses a special media that causes the calcium carbonate in the water to attach itself to it, eventually forming large calcium carbonate crystals on the media till it can no longer stay attached. This submicron crystals break off from the media and flow downstream attracting and attaching to other calcium carbonate in the water. These tiny crystals are neutrally charged and unable to stick to the pipes or appliances. The water’s pH is not affected and it still contains valuable minerals needed in our daily diet.

The Nuvo H2O uses its patented CitrCharge Cell Technology. This method uses food safe citric acid to break up calcium carbonate bonds to prevent scale. It uses a cartridge to filter the water and usually needs to be changed every 6 months.

Both brands offer warranties for their salt free water softener models. The Pelican Natursoft offers a 5 year warranty for defects from the manufacturer and a 10 year warranty for manufacturers defects including the bypass valves, heads for the tank, and all filter housings. The Nuvo H2O offers a 90 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied and a lifetime warranty.

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