Which 5 Ad Servers Will Make You More Money in 2016? (By Luthando)

Why run an ad server?

I think the above pretty much covers it but if you insist here are a few more benefits you get when using ad servers.

  • Direct Advertisers
  • Scheduling
  • Targeting
  • Reporting
  • Technical Support

Those are only some of the benefits and features provided.

As always, it’s about trial and error. Try and see what works best for you.

List of the top 5 ad servers

#1. DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

Surprise. A Google owned solution exists and it ranks among the top recommendations everywhere. It also has huge advantages. If we can safely estimate that you have less than 90 million ad impressions per month, it’s free.

#2. OpenX

X marks the spot. OpenX has major market share for publishers running their own ad servers. They claim to serve 100 billion+ ad impressions every month, and 96% of “leading national advertisers” use it. Even Don Draper would be impressed if he was reading this on his whisky stained laptop.

#3. AdColt

Perhaps AdColt breaks the streak. It isn’t free. But at $0.02 CPM (cost per thousand ad impressions) it’s very close to free. But one of its key advantages is that it’s a white label solution. You have some customization options to align it with your brand, including the basics like logo and your own ad server domain name.

#4. AdZerk

If you’re a small publisher, you might go berserk when you hear the price of AdZerk. Their plans start at $1,000. So you will have to have solid traffic that can generate break even clicks and ad revenue to go this route. Of course, they do have the standard 30 day trial, so it’s not a complete leap of faith.

#5. AdTech

AdTech is owned by AOL. Lots of trends here, one of them being that some of the Web’s biggest or more recognizable brands are buying up this space. Fortunately for us all, AdTech does not come to your mailbox once a week on an unsolicited CD. If you’re too young to know what the means, you probably look great in skinny pants, but will never know the joys of Atari. But I digress.

Will you serve?

If you were paying attention to who has acquired many of our ad server options, you know ad servers are than just a tool for serving ads by direct advertisers. You can aggregate all your ad networks into one hub and manage away.

Ad servers really do lend themselves most to publishers doing considerable traffic volumes. At face value, you might guestimate that you could boost earnings by about 30%. This is compared to AdSense. If the strategy works out, it could be much better. But you will only determine that through testing and experimentation.

Source: www.askpaccosi.com

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