Crazy Penguin Catapult Lite App For iPhone (By Luthando)

Crazy Penguin Catapult is the top Free App for iPhones currently, so I decided to check it out. I rarely consider downloading games to my iPhone, but it’s so popular I went ahead. Here’s what I found…..

The download takes a lot longer than any other iPhone App I’ve tested, but it’s the most complex also. The whole object of the game is just like in the title. Penguin Catapult. As Penguins swing, you hit them with a catapult to the next stage of the level. After you’ve catapulted all of your penguins over, they are now kamikazee penguins. The goal is to have the penguins dive-bomb the bears and take them out.

Each level is pretty much the same. You always start by catapulting a group of penguins. The number of them changes, and the way they swing also changes. As the levels progress, there are also more bears to dive-bomb and becomes more difficult to get to them.

I played several levels and feel I get the gist of the whole Crazy Penguin Catapult game. Keep in mind, this application is free, or the “Lite” verson, so the paid might be much more complex (although I doubt it).

For all of you iPhone gamers out there. I would recommend this game if you want something graphically pleasing, very easy to pickup, and doesn’t require much thought at all. I personally don’t see myself playing Crazy Penguin Catapult very often, but definitely see why its become so popular recently.


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