How to Be a Billionaire – Without Working Too Hard (By Luthando)

If you are Serious about becoming a Millionaire or even a Billionaire…Getting into Your Own Business is the Best thing you can do for your financial future You can earn a good income for life if you apply yourself to building your business – and provided your business model has scalability – such as GlobalDomainInternationals or the DomainExchange. Both of these businesses are based on the market for Internet Services – the demand for which will remain unabated for some considerable time.

Very few people seriously dream of becoming a Billionaire. Yet everyone dreams of being a millionaire. Quite a few have made their million dollars working in highly paid jobs – medicine, computers, investment banking or as directors of profitable companies.

However there is no one that I know of who has ever made a Billion Dollars working for someone else. Most millionaires attained the dream running their own business. And apart from inheritance most Billionaires got their money by having their own business.

However there are not too many Millionaires who have made it to the Billionaire status. Why?

Clearly you can not become a Millionaire Overnight working for someone else? That is why there are so many people now working in their own business – a lot of whom have established their own online internet based business. Despite their success few contemplate becoming Billionaires – and so they do not reach out to try to achieve that.

If the truth be told – it is far harder to become a millionaire than it is to go up the ladder from there to being a Billionaire. The difference between getting to be a Millionaire or a Billionaire is.. Simply Working SMARTER! So why is it that so many millionaires stop short of the next level?

1. Everyone realizes that it is impossible to ever become a Billionaire simply by working for an employer. If the millionaires got to their position working for a boss then they know there is no way they can get to be a Billionaire while remaining an employee.

2. The Entrepreneurs who made their Million in most instances did it through a lot of hard work and some good fortune (luck). Most either seem exhausted with the effort to make it to the million dollar plateau – while others seem content to have achieved their primary goal and sit back to enjoy what they strived for. Neither type possesses the drive nor determination to want to go on to becoming a Billionaire.

As it is a lot easier to go from being a Millionaire in business to a Billionaire than it is to make your first Million Dollars the key really is just getting that first Million. The Billionaire Mindset Group are not interested in making small dollars. Each has the vision of achieving their first objective of becoming a millionaire in order to progress to become a Billionaire.

Most people do not understand the process whereby that can be achieved. However our Investment Bankers have it designed already. If you do not intend to strive to become a millionaire there is little point dreaming of being a billionaire.

If you intend to strive to be a Billionaire then first you must get serious about becoming a millionaire. There is little point learning how to go from the millionaire stage to billionaire until you are somewhere down the track. Get on board the right business vehicle to becoming a millionaire today – and then you can progress to attain the ultimate financial goal.

3. The initial step of becoming a millionaire is a prerequisite to going higher – have you enrolled yet for a Free test drive?

For a start – FORGET about working for a Boss. Instead alter your mindset and YOU become the boss. With the development of the Internet and the imperative for businesses to now have an online presence the doors have opened for people just like you to make a good income working from home (or office) with their own online business.

Many thousands of people have made several millions of dollars successfully marketing products and services online. Anyone can do that – provided they understand the processes and get involved in marketing either their own or others offerings. You can do exactly the same thing and make a very good income – with not too much hard work.

Some of the advantages of having your own Online Business are:

1. More time available – to make money and to spend with family and friends (as you have eliminated the journey to and from work each day – which could be a few hours a day = 10 hours a week = 5000 hours a year)

2. Make More Money – with all of the following:

a) Multiple Streams of Income;
b) Thousands of other peoples products and services to sell which pay high commissions – and being able to utilize their professional marketing websites (no need to have your own websites at all)
c) Your Own 24 hours a day 7 days a week Online Store – which sells for you continually, while you sleep etc.

3. A showcase for your own products and services – PLUS an army of eager marketers wanting to sell for you on a commission only basis

4. Automated marketing and administration systems that make operating your business uncomplicated

5. Earning More but paying LESS TAX;

Business operators have a distinct advantage over wage and salary earners, as there are many tax deductions allowed for expenses incurred – which can permit you to write off some of your everyday expenses which the average worker can not. If you invest the money you save in taxes you can have a secret store of wealth for your retirement.

6. Einstein reportedly said the most powerful thing in the universe was COMPOUND INTEREST. We will show you how to utilize the principle of compounding to create wealth – and certainly how to Build an Income for Life! – when applied to our business building strategies.

7. Choose the right business so you can not only make it to the Millionaire plateau but so you can also leap frog to becoming a Billionaire. It is essential that you get on to a high growth scalable business such as Internet Services – rather than the penny ante things such as AdSense and Clickbank Affiliate products or the like (which can give you income but no chance to make really big money or to build a billion dollar business).

The World is convinced that the Internet is here to stay and that one of the best businesses anyone could have is a business which supplies the prerequisites for business on the Internet. Start to Build YOUR OWN Online Business – Today (Do not procrastinate!) Make sure it has the essential ingredients – therefore ensure;

* It has a constant stream of Income

* it is scalable,

* the growth is rapid – and

* assured of continuing.

Building up your internet business to generate six figure income can get you to the Millionaires plateau. Making that level requires effort.

Most people quit before giving themselves the chance to be really successful. Others just rest comfortably in their rut – satisfied with what they have achieved – and not believing they can become exceedingly rich.

If you can make it to the first level you certainly can go higher. It is the mindset of people which prevents them from getting to the Billionaire peak – when in fact it is far more easy to achieve.

The reason for their lack of faith is simply what they have perceived is correct! It is impossible to just ramp up the sales so that revenues increase from a million dollars to a billion – at least certainly in the medium term.

People generally do not comprehend what persons like the creators of MySpace and Facebook etc. achieved. Remember the young university student who made billions?

The secret is this:

a) Instead of trying to discover the Son of MySpace etc you can become a Millionaire and then Move on to Becoming a Billionaire simply by repeating the process several times of Building a business which generates consistent revenues with growth opportunities.
b) Businesses can be sold for multiples of their revenues as well as for their potential.
c) Once you have a viable business of sufficient size it can be sold. It can be sold in either a Trade Sale – that is to a private purchaser, or by Listing on the Stock Exchange.

(There are Investment Banking techniques such as aggregation which can be employed to enable a stock market listing. This would possibly involve putting together several smaller scale businesses to gross up total revenues to a size suiting the Stock Market. One of the beauties of a Stock Market listing can be the opportunity to still retain a share in the business and thereby participate in the further financial fortunes of your business afterwards.)

The proceeds of business sales can be quite large – always several times their annual revenues. Stock Market listings generally fetch far more than Trade Sales – although not always the case.

d) Once you have sold a few businesses you will have capital – to be used as leverage for buying and / or developing more businesses or simply just to expand businesses you have. Reinvesting the proceeds of each sale compounds your capital – and can enable you to reach the Billionaire Pinnacle.

9) Think about how your sales have progressed to date or may progress as you get more serious – obviously it is inconceivable that they will ever reach the Billion Dollar level. But can they get to the Million Dollar level?

Believe it or not they can and easily if you apply yourself to your business – and that your business model has scalability.


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