Make Money With SMS Starting Today (By Luthando)

What better way to cut through the noise and stand out as an internet marketer than to develop your own SMS marketing campaign – this is how you really make money with SMS!

You see, emails are getting read less and less by the day. And what’s more, marketers are emailing their lists to the point of exhaustion… therefore the competition to get your prospects eyes on your email subject lines, and to get your emails opened is very intense indeed.

So a good alternative would be to diversify and start an SMS campaign. Just think, how many times do we get an SMS message on our phone and decide not to open it to see what’s it’s about and who it’s from? Not very often. In fact, SMS messages are treated very similar to the novel way we used to look upon emails sent to us back in the “old days”. I can still remember when getting an email used to be quite an “event”.

Needless to say, whenever I had an email sent to me from an internet marketer relating to an area of my life that I’m very passionate about, ignoring it was simply out of the question!

So with that in mind, why not consider starting an SMS campaign for only your hottest prospects (it’s a lot more expensive to send bulk SMS messages so you don’t want to message your entire list) and then let them know about your latest offers or free relationship building information that you want them to download.

How would you go about collecting your prospect’s mobile phone numbers? You could simply offer a free downloadable gift to your customers provided that they give you their mobile phone number and agree to receiving a text message from their favourite internet marketer (you!) every now and again.

So in a nutshell, that’s one method you can use to make money with SMS… starting today.


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