Top 7 Click2Sell Advantages For Merchants and Affiliates (By Luthando)

Here are seven good reasons why both merchants and affiliate marketers should consider the Click2Sell marketplace.

1. Free To Join

There is no initial fee for joining Click2Sell, either as a merchant or an affiliate. In contrast, ClickBank charges an initial fee of $49.95 to the merchant selling products. PayDotCom allows the merchant a free account to sell one product.

2. Sell Unlimited Products

A Click2Sell account allows a merchant to sell an unlimited number of products. In comparison, ClickBank allows the merchant to sell five hundred products per account; additional accounts cost $29.95 each. PayDotCom will allow you to sell an unlimited number of your own products for $29.00.

3. Handle Both Intangible and Tangible Products

Click2Sell allows you to sell or promote digital (downloadable), physical (tangible) or recurring (subscription based) products. You can’t sell physical products on ClickBank.

4. Pay Up To Ninety-Five Percent Commission

Merchants can pay up to ninety-five percent commission to affiliates on Click2Sell. You can pay up to eighty percent commission through PayDotCom; affiliates earn up to seventy-five percent commission through ClickBank.

5. Affiliate Tools

Merchants may provide advertising media for affiliates to use through Click2Sell; PayDotCom has a similar provision. Click2Sell also has an advanced tracking system for vendors and affiliates. Unique referral links are provided to protect your affiliate commissions.

6. Flat Fees For Merchants

The selling fees for Click2Sell transactions are $1.00 for sales under $20.00, $2.00 for sales from $20.00 to $39.99, and $3.00 for sales $40.00 and higher. (They say that their pricing policy is as simple as one, two, three.) Of course, these fees don’t include the fees charged by payment processors such as PayPal, Moneybookers, or others.

7. Built-in Affiliate Network and Marketplace

Not unlike ClickBank and PayDotCom, Click2Sell provides both affiliates and customers access to your products.


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