Career Minded Vs Job Minded (By Luthando)

What’s your passion? Are you career-minded or job-minded?

A job is merely putting on your (ever-revolving) hat for the day and punching the clock; time in and time out. You do what you’re supposed to do and then go home. More often than not, you’re able to leave work and all its problems at work and become the person you are when you’re not at the daily grind. You probably don’t particularly like what you do, but it provides a paycheck which pays the monthly bills.

Having a career is on a different spectrum. It means doing something you really like, or even love, every day. Your heart goes beyond the typical 9 to 5 routine and you even care about what you do. Your mind is constantly turning, even during off hours. You think of ways to improve certain aspects of what you do and hopefully, it’s even a bit fun. A career is often what is worked on until retirement.

So many people attend college and have the student loan payments to prove it. They attended classes, for years, and work in a completely different field. That’s the job side talking out loud to you. It’s shouting, in fact. It’s telling you to move on and do something inspiring. The folks who put in the time at school and continue on to the career of their dreams have the mindset of a bright future.

How do you find the career of your dreams?

Use online tools to help find your dream career. Taking tests where you answer questions about what you like to do, about your personality, your experience, etc. is a great place to start.

Hit the search engines to see what is popular in the workforce. Some websites will provide information such as salary when it comes to your new career from entry-level to management.

Some employers are willing to hire individuals without experience for a lesser salary and offer to pay tuition costs for classes. It never hurts to ask. On the other hand, many places won’t hire you without experience. You can offer to work as an intern or volunteer to gain the experience necessary to get your foot in the door (or further in the door).

It pays to do the research. Making a career decision is something you’ll deal with for the rest of your life. Rushing into something new because you hate what you currently do may have you right back where you started. Your new career, and the steps leading up to landing it, can be stressful. It’s important to take care of yourself during the process.

Some people only dream of having a career. It’s up to you to live that dream.


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