Domain Parking – Making Money with Internet Domains (By Luthando)

There are thousands of ways to make money Online. Almost all of these methods start with an Internet domain since your domain name tells people where to find you Online. Domain names can be purchased for as little as eight or nine dollars. This small investment can pay off many times over.

The usual model for making money from domains involves buying domains and selling. As with physical real estate, or any investment, the objective is to buy low and sell high. While a few people have made millions selling domains with this method, there is not usually a lot of demand for an individual domain name. Domains may sit for years before they get a single interested buyer and that offer is often too low to take seriously. Other models for earning income from domains have developed in the last few years, foremost among them being domain parking.

Pay-per-click domain parking has been a lucrative way for some to earn money from domains. This white paper will emphasize this approach. The domain parking services described here provide no-cost hosting of your site and pay you every time someone clicks on a link.

Where should you park your domains? These sites differ in important ways, and one company will likely work better than another for your domains.

Affiliate income programs allow you to sell a product on your site and keep a percentage of the profit. You can do this from a site you build, or you can redirect a domain to an affiliate page created for you by the merchant who is hosting the offer.

Developing your domain into a complete, stand-alone website can sometimes make the most money. It is also the most labor-intensive.

Evaluating PPC Domain Parking Services

Paid Domain parking, the easiest approach, is often the best. is a site that features objective reviews of domain parking services. Domain Parking Services are different from each other in significant ways. Some services require that you own a minimum number of domain names, and others do not. Changes appear immediately with some services, while others require approval in advance. (All of these services provide free hosting.) In some cases you can earn cash when someone simply views your page (pay per impression), or when they click through to another site (pay per click). Some of these services will automatically optimize your sites based on what people search for. RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) is not the whole story. Some companies make it easy for you to use single-click landing pages, while others do not.

These parking services change their sites and payouts often to keep up with rapid changes in this field. All have ways to detect click-fraud, and your account will be canceled if click-fraud is ever suspected. Never click on your own links. ParkQuick’s monthly Name Monetizer newsletter will keep you up-do-date on the most recent changes. You can also read the most recent recommendations for small and large domain portfolios owners.

Some newsletter readers have asked whether they can send paid traffic to their pages. Most parking services forbid all paid traffic because it generally does not result in sales. Some parking services do allow you to buy AdWords or Overture ads and send that traffic to your domains. This is usually not cost-effective, however. Unless you are extremely careful you will end up in the red by paying more for the clicks than you will earn off the parking.

There is actually a good deal of overlap among people who consider themselves to be “domainers” and those who consider themselves Online marketers. In both cases men and women are trying to make money Online, often with the goal of “quitting our day jobs” to live off a passive income stream. We earn money when someone visiting our sites takes some action based on content on one of our sites. We earn money when they click, or when they sign-up for a service, or take some other action.

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