Free Affiliate Marketing Tactics – 3 Fast Ways to Put You on the Fast Track to Affiliate Success (By Luthando)

Most people view affiliate marketing as an obstacle race which cannot be won easily. The fact however, is that there are several smart entrepreneurs who have made it to a steady flow of 6 or in some cases even 7 digit income. Here are some free affiliate marketing tactics to put you on the road to success.

1. Read Forum postings

Wickedfire, Digital Point, Warriors Forum etc. are some of the sites which are populated with people who earn their livelihood from affiliate marketing. These people are always willing and happy to enrich you with their experience and knowledge. However, look for the length of time the particular member has been with the forum and the number of posts. You can use this as a pointer to decide on which advice you should follow to strengthen your free affiliate marketing tactics.

2. Blogs

Just do a “Google search” with “make money” and you will instantly find a large number of blogs on the subject. Study these in depth and remember to check out Earner’s blog, Hamlet Batista, Bluehat SEO, Cash tactics etc. When you understand the content of these blogs you will be well equipped with an insight into affiliate marketing as also free affiliate marketing tactics that will be useful to you.

3. Specialized Sites

There are even some specialized sites with valuable content. Black Ink Project and 30 Day Challenge have larger following. Finally, you need be bold, active and fearless to ask questions, because that is the quickest way to benefit from free affiliate marketing tactics.


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