Paying Markets For Writers – Bright Hub (By Luthando)

Freelance writers seeking for paying markets have an opportunity in Bright Hub. What is the company about? What are the offers for writers and what responsibilities does the publish expect writers to perform? These and more are the focus of this paying market opportunity for writers.

About Bright Hub

Bright Hub is a technology based paying market for writers looking for talented writers to contribute to this fast growing online community. Writers are needed to offer their guidance to help people understand how technology affects their lives, work, finance, leisure, play etc. Subject areas cover more than 30 technology channels. If you would like to write articles that are approximately 300-750 words through online guides that will walk you through the process, then this opportunity is perfect for you. $10 is paid per accepted article. Other revenue generating opportunities are also available.

Writers Responsibilities

‘For articles commissioned by Bright Hub and requested by a Managing Editor or Contributing Editor, the writer will:

– Write articles based on the planning and analysis provided by the Managing Editor and the writing request and various creation and performance plans created by the Contributing Editor

– Work with the Contributing Editor on changes to articles in order to meet Bright Hub’s quality standards

– Promote and grow the popularity of articles through leveraging recommended search keywords and phrases and obtaining quality backlinks to written articles

– Update articles as requested by the Contributing or Managing Editor. Failure to maintain articles according to the article maintenance plan will result in the replacement of the consultant for that article with a different writer and a diversion of future revenues for that article to such new writer.’

How Payment Is Made

Compensation report is sent to qualified writers at the beginning of each month. Once a minimum of $20 is attained, payment will be sent through Paypal or check. Payment is only made if the minimum payout is achieved.


 You Will Get Coupon Codes, Rewards, Daily Updates, Bonuses, And Also Get Notified When We Refill Funds.

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