Volume Pills Vs Semenax – A Faithful Comparison (By Luthando)

A lot of people want to know which of the two – Volume Pills or Semenax – is the better one to buy. There is a reason why people make this comparison. Both are intended for the same reason – to increase the volume of the semen – and both of them are very popular products. Hence, men who are looking for such a product are generally confused on which one to select. If you are sailing in the same boat too, here’s a Volume Pills Vs Semenax comparison that can help you.

But, first, let us see the things that both of them can do.

  1. Both products are designed for enhancing the volume of semen. Regular use of either of these products can bring about an increase of up to 500% (five times) in the amount of semen that they discharge during ejaculation.
  2. Both products can increase the strength and force with which semen is discharged. The male orgasm depends largely on how ejaculation takes place. By improving the force of ejaculation and prolonging the time for which it holds out, both products can improve the quality of the male orgasm.
  3. They can also increase the libido of the male.
  4. They are also beneficial for increasing the fertility of the male.

So, where does the difference come in? The following are the differences between the two popular products.

  1. The price of Volume Pills is slightly higher than that for Semenax, just about $5 on a month’s supply.
  2. Volume Pills need to be taken as three pills a day while Semenax is to be taken as two pills a day.
  3. However, they have a much better money-back guarantee than Semenax. Semenx has a 60-day money-back guarantee, while Volume Pills has a 6-month money-back guarantee. This is a huge guarantee and is ample time for someone to check out the product and see if it works for them.
  4. Volume Pills is also better where the free bonuses are concerned. If you place orders for more than 2 months’ worth of supplies, you get free bonuses. You get free bonuses with Semenax as well, but the orders need to be for 4 months or more.

But while making your Volume Pills Vs Semenax comparison, don’t let price be the only deciding factor.

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