Work From Home – Earn an Income at Home Starting Today! (By Luthando)

In today’s world especially with the way computers, the Internet and just about everything else is progressing; did you know that you can really earn a living from home if you know what to look for and know what you are doing?

  • Affiliate Marketing

There are companies that will pay you to advertise and sell their products. Companies like Amazon, Click bank and others will give you a commission when someone clicks on a link in your blog or article on your website if they decide to buy through that link.

  • Network Marketing

Network marketing is another option – this is more of a face to face business or a business where you actually talk to the customer over the phone. Companies you find that use this type of marketing a lot would be companies like Avon, Reliv, and Amway. I was part of a company one time that sold air purifiers. I paid $2400.00 for a starter kit that included the marketing plan and several air purifiers. When everything was said and done I had made about $6000.00 on my original investment all from the comfort of my home – take away the $2400.00 initial investment and I earned a profit of $3600.00 in one month – not bad considering I did most of it from my desk and computer at home.

  • Telecommuting

Let’s say you’re not big on affiliate marketing, having a website or blog or doing network marketing. Let’s say you have kids and you are a mother that wants to work part or full-time from home so you can be with your kids; there are companies that will pay you to work for them from your computer at home. Now sometimes this does require you have a landline phone or that your computer is fast enough and has a certain amount of space but often this is spelled out plainly on their website. Do a Google search and you should see a list of sites offering telecommuting positions for various areas around the country.

  • eBay

Hey let’s not forget about eBay. I know a guy that bought an old knife from a friend for four bucks, he paid to have it repaired (which I think only cost him $10.00) when everything was said and done it turned out that the knife was an antique which he sold on eBay for $500.00! His investment: $14.00, his profit: $486.00. All it took was for this guy to get out, socialize a little, find a few deals and put them on eBay. Can you really call that work? He does it all the time! As a matter of fact as far as I know my friend has never held a public job and does quite well for himself at home.

These are just a few of the very many ways to make money. One of the best things to do is find out what your passions are, what really drives you and then center all your attempts at making money around that.

Whatever you choose be sure to be honest, ethical, provide good customer service, learn how to do it more successfully than your competitors and never give up and you may very well become the next Internet success story.


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