3 Mistakes I Made As a Newbie Affiliate Marketer Trying To Make Money Online (By Luthando)

I am a Affiliate Marketer, Blogger, have a e-newsletter and own three Amazon Stores. So I have experience in the many different ways to make money online.

I want new people to see how much I have learned and see that when I failed… I failed forward:o) There is so much information out there, it is overwhelming, Let me be your Sherpa on this mountain.

This blog is for beginners so they can avoid the pitfalls and shorten their learning curve and path to success in the Internet Marketing business.

My blog is different because all the other programs and blogs will give you a blueprint but even in their program they don’t give you the Master Blueprint… you know with all the technical details.

I will give them to you for free!

#1) I Waited Too Long to Get Started

Wait Too Long? What I mean by “Too Long” is that like everybody else on You Tube, I saw the ads for Affiliate Marketing. But because they felt like I was watching a bad infomercial… (You know what I’m talking about right?… give me the next 20 seconds and I’ll change your life!) lol

I thought, this isn’t real cause why would they be selling a program if they could make millions using their own “proven system” followed by the disclaimer: “These results are not typical.”

AWOL-Another Way of Life-I found Keala’s video on YouTube and it intrigued me, but it took a second time watching for me to think that I could do this. That was my fault for not investigating further.

Keala is the co-owner and leader of AWOL. For the $99 entry point, it is the most comprehensive program I have seen.

What makes AWOL my choice for affiliate marketing programs is it is incredibly detailed, you get 20 hours of video content.

The Proof is in the Pudding-In these videos you are walked step by step through the process of integrating the different programs and tools. They also focus on the principles of changing a persons mindset because that is found to be the biggest factor in someone’s success in their online business. It is a long process with a lot of hard work, if you don’t have the right mindset, you really don’t have a chance.

What caught my attention was the details of what Keala was saying about affiliate marketing. That made sense and it became something I was very interested in doing.

There are other good programs and resources out there, one of them who I have learned a lot from is Pat Flynn. He hosts a very informative podcast called Smart Passive Income.

By waiting several months, I lost precious time and it postponed my growth because I didn’t understand what affiliate marketing was.

I liked Keala’s video because it was different, he was the only one who showed real proof of what affiliate marketing was and how to make money at it. Simple… show me the money right? lol

My Blog for New Affilitate Marketers

One of the first things I did when I started my training course at AWOL is open a automated amazon store, now I have 3. There are many different web hosting platforms out there you can choose from.

When I finished training I thought if spending $5 a day got me X amount of leads then if I quadrupled that to $20 a day… then I would get 4 times the leads. It worked… zero x 4 = 0

I don’t know how long it took to get my first lead but it was more than a couple of days. Then they slowly started to trickle in after split testing my audience for my ad. I will get into that in a later article.

The reason my Ad was not effective was I targeted the wrong people. I was targeting other marketers, who would click my ad link just to see what it was, but they had no interest in signing up for it since they already had a marketing job.

So start small, micro size it then when you have it optimized, then you can scale it up and quadruple your ad budget. This is the biggest mistake I see new people make!

3) Have Patience and Faith, it Takes Time.

very few people have gotten rich quickly from affiliate marketing, but most times it takes time to develop a subscriber list and time for your ads to reach people. Most people don’t buy the first time they see the ad, it takes time for the true value to sink in so to speak.

What Products Do I Recommend? – I only recommend products I personally use or believe in. The most important thing we do is provide value and valuable content to our subscribers.

If we engage them and give them the tools to be successful, then they will stay with us during their journey.

I will be posting new content weekly, so please like and share this blog with friends. I learned a lot by reading Pat Flynn’s Podcast, he gives great information on internet marketing and is very generous with what he has learned.

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