Fraud – How to Avoid Internet Fraudsters Conning You Online – 5 Tips (By Luthando)

You get conned online easily because you are a new internet user, nave, inexperienced, or you are impatient, and probably want to get rich quickly.

1. Avoid Get Rich Quick Mentality:

The people who get conned easily online are those who want to get rich quickly. They are impatient because they want the money now and any website or online money making scheme that promises quick returns they will fall for it. Fraudsters and conman thrive on this type of people because they are easy to cheat.

Any website, scheme, system or secret that promises you quick riches is very dangerous to your savings because there is no quick money online…period!

Don’t put your money in an online based money making plan or scheme just because it promises you big money within a short time. Making money on the internet is not easy at all. Check and counter check it. If a deal is to sweet think twice my dear!

2. Fraudsters Need Your Email Address:

If the conman doesn’t have your email address, there will be no communication between you and him/her. Therefore, avoid entering your email address every where you are asked to enter your email address online. Be careful and selective. The email address is used by fraudsters and conman to give instructions to you on where, when, to whom, and, how to send money to them.

The email address is the main tool of communication and money transfer that fraudsters and conman use online to steal your money. Do not give your PayPal, Alert Pay, Google Pay email address, etc, to any website unless it is very important to do so. Change your email address account password at least once a year.

3. Begin By Consuming Free Services to Avoid Internet Based Fraudsters/Con-men.

If you are an internet newbie (new or first time user), avoid buying or paying for anything online. Wait until you have acquired some useful experience on how the internet works to avoid losing your money to the many internet based fraudsters. Internet fraudsters thrive on coning first time and impatient internet users.

Crucial Advice: if you are new on the internet, start by consuming the very many free services offered online. This is especially if you are an aspiring online business man because this way you will avoid the fraudsters.

4. Don’t Reveal Your Banking Information To Any Dick and Harry Who Asks For It Online:

You are not going to be conned if the conman has no information about your banking history. Therefore, don’t give your banking information to anybody unless it is completely necessary to do so. Fraudsters will entice you to send them crucial information about yourself and your banking service provider in order to facilitate their coning you.

5. Ensure that you are dealing with genuine websites online:

Fraudster will build websites with similar names to that of successful company website. When you log in, you will think you are dealing with the genuine one.

Example- If you are a student interested in furthering your education at: Global International University a successful and a favorite university with many international students, fraudsters will want to con unsuspecting foreign students (who pay online or send money via money transfer service providers) off their school fees. A fraudster will come up with a similar website and call it; Global University International and that will indeed help him or her con a few care less student because students (especially prospective and new students) will not notice the difference in the name. The website address (URL) will also be altered slightly to ensure that students don’t discover the scam.

Crucial Advice:always Google website addresses (i.e. put it in the Google search box) and see what other people are saying about the website. If it is not genuine (and thus fake) people will write bad things about it. The warnings will be there about con websites. Therefore, make use of Google’s search box to learn about companies, websites and people you are about to deal with online before committing yourself to any deals online.

Fraud on the internet is a reality that you will have to live with. Be smart; learn to stay away from the bad guys on the internet.


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